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President Elect Trump 1st interview 60Minutes tonight w/Leslie Stahl

7 p.m eastern time on CBS

I'm looking forward to how he comports himself now that the race is won. His campaign demeanor reminded me of the pro-wrestlers I'd watch as a kid giving all that bluster in interviews against their opponent.
Now that he has won the race I look forward to seeing him behave as he did in the boardroom on The Apprentice.

And I really am hopeful for the future of America. I.E. hoping he's as good as we who voted for him trust him to be to his word.

God please be with this man. Amen.
I watched the 60 Minute interview on TV. That part was in there. What part did they leave out? How do you know they left a part out?
Staff Member
It was all over the news yesterday how CBS deliberately left out that portion originally. Typical liberal media.