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Pregnant with Twins!

Ok, I am eight months pregnant, and I decided to transfer hospitals to do a VBAC (Vaginal delivery after c-section), and when I signed the release form for my chart, I dropped the chart off at my house, went back out to take the bus and train to my WIC appointment. I came back that evening, and then going through my chart, it said that I am pregnant with TWINS! No one told me this until I looked through my chart. Now, I want to know if anyone has had experience with being pregnant with twins, and how many prenatal vitamins they were instructed to take? Also, anyone who has had a NATURAL birth with twins, please write me back and let me know how it was. Was it WORSE than with a birth with a singular? :confused:

MM... Not really anymore. God told me to just be still and just trust in HIM, and he will work everything out. :shade: But, I just wanted to know, because Reason #1: I never had a natural birth before, my previous two pregnancies ended with c-sections, and this is my first time being pregnant with twins. Praises and Glory to the Lord for having his hand on my twins. Not many pregnancies get this far with BOTH twins being alive. So, I praise the Lord, that the only health problem I have is Anemia. I received a phone call from the doctor's office and they told me that my sugar levels were high, but then I received a touch from the Lord (I saw a hand reach down from heaven and touch me on my head), and I was healed from my high sugar, and when i went back to take another sugar test to test the levels, the levels came out normal. :shade:
WOW, Twins, a friend of mine just gave birth to twin boys vaginally. She said it was the best experience she had ever been through. I pray God will be with you and your babies. I pray for a healthy and safe delivery. May God bless you. Sisters in Christ, Natashia
Wow! congrats! i pray that God will be with you and everything goes to plan. I'm a twin; the first born on of my Mum, she said it was hard work, but worth it.... God bless!
Stay Real
Congragulations on this great news! I have older twin sisters who my mum is very thankful to God for their lives, my mum said she enjoyed the experience.
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God bless your twins sister! I'm really happy for you. That's a neat set you'll have :D Two gifts from GOD better than one.
Hi and congratulations! You are in for a very special treat!

I have 6 year old twin daughters and 2 sons that are 19 & 15 years old.

I am surprised that your doctor did not tell you that you are carrying twins because twin pregnancies are usually treated as high risk pregnancies just because there are two babies and they usually come a little early.

Have you talked to your doctor specifically about the fact that you are carrying twins and that they didn't tell you?

Are you going to a doctor that is knowledgeable with twin births?

All of my pregnancies were different. My labor times got shorter with each pregnancy. My waters broke with the twins but did not with either of the boys.

You may end up having them both vaginally or you may have them both by c-section. You could even have the first one vaginally and depending on the position of the second one and if they can change that position, you may have the second one by c-section. All of this should have been explained to you by your doctor and the fact that it hasn't makes me concerned about the doctor that you have. Write down all of your questions and talk with your doctor about everything. Go to your library and check out some books on twins. Look on the internet about being pregnant with twins and how to take care of them.

Feel free to ask me anything that you want to. PM me if you want. I will help in any way possible.
Congratulations Jesusluvsme!! Being pregnant with twins must be an awesome experience!! I believe that i amnot old enough to get pregnant so I can't give you any advice in that department, but I will pray for you!
You are indeed very blessed. I always wanted to have twins but it didnt happen. May God bless you and your babies. I pray that everything will go well for you.
congradulations my wife is carrying twins too and will look forward to your advice
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hey jesusluvsme what great news, and a blessing too. My wife just had a baby and even though he came by himself he is such a blessing to me and the most beautiful baby in the world to me anyways and many comments too on how handsome he is. but even 1 is painful to have so i thought my wife well she just spit him out when it was time for him to come into this world he came and it was over but I will pray for you that all goes well at their birth and that you do not go through the depression it is hard for the male for a woman to go through that trust me I know but prayer and now my wife is talking to a theripist. Well Jeremiah had his 4 month shots today weighs 17 lbs. 9 oz. and is 26'' long i'll get a picture on site
Surely, being a guy, I can't help you with that..... LOL

But surely I am very happy for you. CONGRATS!! And may

God keep you and your twin babies safe and sound in His

protection. And make things easy for you.

my you are double blessed lol . I as well have a set of twins . they are 8 yrs old now. every day has been blessed yes there is twice the mess twice the tiredness but above all twice the laughter twice the joy. prenatal vitamens I took regular like I did while carring one until the end of my pregnancy I had to take twice the normal amount . I had a difficult pregnancy with them and the last 2 months of my pregnancy they had to keep me in bed rest and I had no appitite no room to eat i felt full off such small amounts that the dr ordered me to eat 5 times a day just to get enough to eat. I nearly lost them in my 6 th month of pregnancy due to my body had to begin to diallate . but when time to come i was 81/2 months pregnant and argueing with the drs. because they wanted to go ahead and take them because they were so big. I wanted to wait my full term to give them more time to grow . but I was so weak and sick that I had no choice . I delivered by c-section one 6.1 lbs boy Matthew and one 6.1 kimberly . all though it was a miserable pregnancy it was so worth it . Kimberly was stubborn she faught them trying to get her out lol figures it would be the girl. but when they got her she quit breathing it took at least 11/2 min to get her to breath . when they finalally got her to breath I had a room of drs. and nurses crying just as hard as me. God is faithful!!! I can tell you this try to keep them on the same scedule I was successful there . when ever one woke up I made sure to wake the other as well so they were sceduled the same.
they will be very close as they grow watching kimberly and matthew and how close they are is wonderful mainly because they understand eachother because they are the same age and most of the children here are older or to young around where I live . No job is easy raising a child no matter how many but I will say this twice the blessings everyone called them double trouble and my responce was this never trouble only double the blessings . congradulations to you and I know you must be excited I was if there is any other advise I CAN HELP WITH PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK i DO NOT MIND . your sister in Christ forever :love:
mrpopples said:
congradulations my wife is carrying twins too and will look forward to your advice

well looky here. . .this was your last news mrpopples. . .now they are born tonight :star: :love: :star: God bless your family :girl_hug:
I hope this isn't too late replying to you, no doubt you have had your hands very full for a while now. I thought I might just put a little dittie in here, I am a twin, identical boys (we're nearly thirty now and I have two and one on the way myself (or my wife does!)). I have an amazing relationship with my brother, we would have to be the best of mates even though we hardly see eachother these days. Mum and Dad tell of the silliest things, like how a dog stole my biscuit when I was 6 months, and my brother broke his in half and gave half to me. That was the norm for us. I hope that your kids can experience the same closeness between themselves, and are a blessing to you and all around them.

God bless.
Congradulations Sister

I have only one myself but a friend of mine had twins super cute

She did say it was that bit more challenging at times one had a habit of waking the other up ,he was a bit cheeky lol

God will give you the strenght to handle both sister
Just think matching outfits sooooooo cute lol

God Bless xxxxxxxxxxx

Wow, I just had a son about 3 months. He is so adorable! Are you having girls? boys? both? surprise? Thats cool; good luck to you and your baby daddy! :love: :kiss: