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Preaching Christianity and Sikhism

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by nijjhar, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Hi Brethren,

    I hail from the Punjab, the Birth Place of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and in 1982, I read the New Testament and rendered the exposition of Matthew. I printed over 1200 copies and sent all over the world but no reply as it was written in spirit.

    I was a lecturer in Metallurgy at University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana and left Ghana for Reading, England for good. Over here, I wrote many articles explaining the Parables and then got couple of Books published at my own expense.

    Now, I find Youtube quite helpful in preaching Gospel and have put up over 1600 Videos. Every day, I add a few.

    I am looking for people interested in producing Films and Documentaries explaining the hidden meanings of the Parables.

    I hope I will find such people.

    Also, I need help with producing Posters that I use to explain Gospel. Any help?

  2. Dear friend......I want you to Know that I appreciate the sincerity, expressed in your introductory words.

    I welcome you to 'talkjesus' and want you to be aware that you are welcome here.

    However I have to point out that.....

    Such words come over to mixing sunlight with moon impossibility.

    As the day is distinct from the Christianity is distinct from sikhism.
  3. Baptism of John, the Baptist.

    Hi Brother,

    You seem to be very knowledgeable person and I would appreciate if you can tell me why John, the Baptist was a Witness to the Light but not the Light? What tribe was John, the Baptist please?
  4. How are you preaching both? They are not the same religion nor do they teach the same.
  5. Hi,

    Christ Jesus was a Preacher, a Sower of His Word. He was not a Moral Teacher, a Rabbi.
  6. Was this your resonse to my question?
    Why not answer my question instead of avoiding it?
  7. Hi Brother,

    Jesus may be your Lord but for me, He is my anointed Elder Brother as we have One Father. Our Father is Spirit that sets you FREE and if our Father does not Bind us, then His Son will not but set us FREE. Popes addressed Jesus a Lord to Lord over people. Popes and these Dog-Collared Clerics are antichrists as they work for Mammon and not God. Stop their Salary or Pension, watch them shout at the top of their voices.

  8. John was a man sent by God to point out the way to the Light-Life. John came to show everyone where to look....who to believe in. John was not himself the Light: he was there at that defining moment in history to point the way to that light.......A little later John seeing Jesus approaching yelled out to the crowds standing by "Here is Gods Pasover Lamb! He forgives the sins of the world! This is the man I have been talking about...."

    Johns father was a member of the priesty order of Abijah. His wife also was of the priestly line of Aaron

    In answer to you question.....John was a Levite
  9. This still doesn't answer my question of "how are your preaching both", Christianity and Sikhism???
  10. Come now dear friend, please be factual. Christianity is responsilbe for freedom from oppression, slavery, bondage, starvation and such, worldwide.

    Jesus is your elder brother?....Indeed not... you do not know Him, you have never met Him....your boast is invalid

    However you can meet Him...You can.

    Jesus said "I am come that you may have life" You do not have the 'life' which He offers....

    Your religeon does not offer life.......You have bought into a package of bondage....and you say you are preaching it in England.

    You are preaching a vagabond religeon, a hopeless religeon, a religeon without a future.... a religeonwithout hope. Only Jesus can help you........You offer a faith invented by men, however far back in the past that may be.

    If you are sincere in your search, and visit here, I ask you to call upon Jesus in prayer.......Sincerely upon Him. Ask Him to help you....say it out loud.... You can meet Him....

    There is no hope for mankind in the package you offer......You say you have 'had no replies'

    Christianity is a message of hope, a sure hope, a certain hope, a steadfast hope. You are unaware, therefore I inform you, that the word hope in the context of sure ...a certain hope, a hope beyond the grave....

    Since Jesus came into my Floods of joy or'e my soul like the sea billows roll.......Since Jesus came into my heart...

    You can know it!

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