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praying for the site

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Just thought I would throw out some prayers :icon_biggrin: Join me!

Lord, thank You for Your love and how You made us. Continue to use this site to minister to those that need fellowship, a venue for creative expression, healing, and counsel. Thank you for Your Word!
Hebrews 12:1 With so many witnesses in a great cloud all around us, we too, then, should throw off everything that weighs us down and the sin that clings so closely and with perservence keep runnning in the race which lies ahead of us all.

Use this site to help men and women throw off unnecessary weights and to discover Your will in their struggles. (And me too Lord!) Grant that we as a people take up Your yoke that is light.

And Lord for those trials that are not of our making, especially for those being tested and persecuted grant them joy through the hardship and a deep peace and awareness of You. Be with Pastor Bhatti in India and Sun in China as well as all those suffering for our Lord and the Christian faith. Grant that this site serve as a way for them to be more fully supported by the Body.

And please Lord, increase the numbers that can see You are God. Grant that people that only see this site briefly and brush it off carry a seed that gets planted in rich soil. Water that seed with believing coworkers, friends, and family members- guide them in conversations where they are -stoke their curiousity and draw them towards Yourself. Grant that all those lost and aching for love find it.

Jesus, thank You for your sacrifice. Thank you that we can know love and share it with so many. Use me, use us Lord to love and serve You.

What an stupendously wonderful God you are! (No icon big enough here
Staff Member
Excellent thread sister GOD bless you for that. Thank you for keeping Talk Jesus in prayer. THIS IS *VERY IMPORTANT*. If anyone is curious why it is so important perhaps I should explain being the one as a shepard gone through the ups and downs of running this great gift from GOD we call Talk Jesus.

Talk Jesus is growing at a rate of approximately 15 new members per DAY average. It reaches everyone person worldwide who has access to the internet. It is an end time harvest tool by GOD's hands to reach the lost souls and continue building up, edifying the already saved ones as well.

Talk Jesus is more than a "Christian" forum. It is like a virtual online church. It is by my standard *following* GOD's Truth in Scripture - 100% based on His Liviing Word. It is for His Glory, our enjoyment and our sake (again, build us up in faith, wisdom, edification, etc). Talk Jesus in many cases that you will never know behind your monitor, is a very critically important place for many members to visit each day to keep them in line with the Word of GOD, in line for growth, Godly advice and spiritual replenishment (fellowship for example).

It is important to pray for such a wonderful place that GOD has gracefully given us. Do not dare under estimate its value or purpose. I know my position. GOD knows His will and I know for sure what GOD wants me to do, His will and bless others. GOD knows how many lives His Holy Spirit has touched. I know much, but I still know infinitely nothing of course in comparison to our Omnipresent Lord Jesus Christ. So for whatever I do know (impossible to squeeze into a single thread) of how many have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, how many have returned to Christ for forgiveness and re-born again, how many have found fellowship, friendship, love, caring, Truth, wisdom, valuable priceless advice - I know Talk Jesus is by far one of the best Christian sites for fellowship and growth you'll ever hit on the Internet. ALL GLORY TO GOD IN HEAVEN!

Prayer is the greatest weapon we have in Christ to reach our Father in Heaven. Pray for Talk Jesus. You are automatically praying for several thousand people who come here whether they register or not. Let your faith make you believe that they are so much super natural things GOD is doing beyond what our eyes will ever see on earth. Don't assume anything less than that, please. Prayer for us leaders/moderators is extremely important. You must remember that the one who gets attacked by the devil first and foremost is myself. I am not crying out (I have "cried out" in prayer request forum, no hiding that) nor am I seeking glory or even sympathy. I am simply humbly telling you that it is critical to pray for leaders as myself and my valuable moderators the same. I don't have children to care for but they do yet they spend their valuable time with me on this site moderating around the clock whether you notice this or not. The devil attacks us on a daily basis. No questions asked here. If I told you what hell we all face you'd probably may not understand. Its a matter of living the experience to understand the trials. We all get persecuted for Christ's sake and glory. I love that no matter what!

God bless you. Enjoy the forums :)
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"Prayer is the greatest weapon we have in Christ to reach our Father in Heaven. Pray for Talk Jesus." Amen!
Thank you for your devotion to prayer , not only for the site , but all it's members . GBU ... MikeT4G
All thanks and praise to God for this website. I am so greatful that I have somewhere to come. I moved to a new town, haven't found a church yet to fellowship with other believers and don't have any Christian friends to pray with as of yet. I was feeling a bit isolated .
Talkjesus is my church right now. You are friends and prayer partners.

The holy spirit is all over this website. "Pray the children thread "is going to be HUGE!!!!!!!I just know it.

Jesus is Lord. He is Lord of Talkjesus.

Thank you moderators for providing a great Christian website and having high standards for the rules of Talkjesus. It feels safe, warm and welcoming. Just like Jesus.


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