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Praying for the misled

Hello all,
I am still very new here. I have just read the "Christian or Catholic?" thread. I would like to put out a prayer request. I want to pray for all the Catholics who worship in ignorance, who were brought up to only believe in Catholic ways and just may not know any better. I am talking about people who have devoted their lives to God, but have just been misled from their upbringings. People who have just been blinded by the Catholic religion. I pray that they all take the time and the strenght to look outside of the Catholic religion to find the Truth through Jesus Christ.
Amen! Jesus open our eyes so we may see only you, know only you, obey only you, and live only for you!

Joh 7:37 Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.
Yes always pray for all men...I have a whole family except two, that are RC, so i do pray for their eyes to be opened.

God bless
Amen! Lord, I pray too for those believers like so many here at TalkJesus who have family and loved ones that are RC and whose hearts ache to see, as Fellowserant prays, their eyes to be opened and their lives transformed in a fuller way by the Spirit. God grant we wait on Your Spirit and be attentive to Your promptings. Grant we live lives that are above reproach that witness to You and cause them to wonder more about You. Grant that we focus on what is You in their lives and always, as James writes are quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to human anger. Use us to reach them in Your time and in Your love.

In Jesus' name

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