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Praying For others

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We as believers must come to grasp there are TWO PRAYERS that God Can't and Won't answer.

1. What He has already done.
2. What He has Told us to do.

I have seen believers who insist they can pray and stop the devil from attacking another believer and the believer does not have to do anything because another believer has prayed.


satan has both parties deceived and crippled from being a threat to his agenda.

I have seen where both parties insist it worked.

Again deception.
satan simply backed off so as to deceive both parties into thinking they defeated him.

Neither parties ever grow in the power and authority of God.

satan is a Master deceiver.
he will build you up in a false view of yourself and play you like an old fiddle. he loves to make a believer feel like they defeat him and all the while he is using you to actually help him.

Deception is key when pulling the rug out from under.

Example of a killing deception from the streets that does not even hold a candle to the deception of our enemy.

I practiced night and day with nun chucks all the while mastering my own trickery.
Kept them tucked in my boot with a slit in my pants right above them. I would kick them out and could land them on some ones head before they even knew what happened but learned those two sticks attached with a piece of chain or cord would get you jailed and broke .

So deception time was created without fear of jail.
Remove the cord and have 2 sticks.

I mastered my own deception with these sticks.
I could put on a show with them until I saw I had their full attention on these sticks.
Then it happens....Deception.
I throw 1 Stick straight at ya, all your attention quickly goes to ONE stick and as I see your eyes on that one stick and all your attention on blocking from being struck with that one stick....

Well I quickly split your head with the stick you quickly forgot about.
Deceived and destroyed.

Now even though that was wired b.c it bears saying because that is how your enemy comes at you.

he brings scripture and feelings and memories and offense and sickness and so forth . what ever it takes to deceive you into believing his deception.

We can not do some one else's praying or fight their battle for them.
The battle is in the mind and only the owner of that mind can defeat the enemy.

Scripture says
You submit unto God
You resist the enemy.

It does not say....call some one to pray your fight away nor does it say pray and God will kick the devil out.

Resist is am interesting word in the Greek and does not mean simply ignore. Resist includes offensive moves on your part as well.

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Thanks for sharing Jim

would be good to take this a bit further, perhaps?

Surely praying for another is OK? I think from memory there a few Scripture that mention both the doing and the gratitude for those who have and do?

Bless you ....><>
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I think a huge thing to remember when praying for another is that they have their own mind and desires, so if they don't desire to submit to God's desires or will.. They don't have to and it will appear to the person praying that their prayers have not been answered. But if God has put it on your heart to intercede then don't stop.

Each one of us has to make the choice to submit our desires and will to the Lord's ways. Its a process for each person and sometimes there are some things that God has to work on the inside first before things are noticeable on the outside.

Another good thing for intercessory prayer is to pray Scriptures. Ask God for specific ones to speak/pray outloud over someone (in ones prayer time, unless the Holy Spirit directs you to speak it directly to them). For when we pray God's Words and believe in our hearts that His Word will not return unto Him void (Isaiah 55:11 and Mark 11:22-25) we receive His results. We receive His backing (PS 103:20-21), for His angels (ministering spirits will complete His will).

Blessings and thanks wired for sharing the wisdom The Holy Spirit has revealed to you.