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Praying for my uncle

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I will kindly ask you for standing with me in agreement and praying for my uncle. He is 76 and is in hospital urgently. Doctor gave him bad prognosis. His lungs heart and cardiovascular system are in very bad condition. God once few years ago gave him miracle. I believe that he was saved then. His name is Stan. We are from Slovenia in Europe. Thank you for your prayers in Jesus Name.
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God's blessings in Jesus Christ the Lord to you and Stan, Drago,

Bless you ....><>
Thank you all of you for welcome messages and especially for prayers and good wishes and blessings for my uncle. It is reality that his lungs are very resized but he start to show some improvements. Doctor was amazed. God is creator and He can according to His will create new lungs. By God everything is possible.
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