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Praying for God's favor in a message I am sending to a former friend

I will keep the details short for now. But I will say this is a friendship I lost a few years ago. I tried to contact this person a couple of times since then up to last year, but she never wanted to speak and seemed very wounded still, and even would act antagonistic towards me for trying to reach out. The Holy Spirit also warned me at one time that she was surrounded in darkness.

I've been praying intensely about it for years, and I've tried to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. At times, especially since last fall, I felt led to change the nature of some of my prayers.

More recently, I have personally felt compelled to try to reach out to her once more. I have asked God a lot for clarity on what I should do and have deliberated. And by today I came to the decision to send her a message. I feel more at peace about doing it than I would about not doing it.

I've written the message to basically just be an apology. I am not going to bring up anything we may have argued about a few years ago. To me, being right is less important than peace and healing between us. And I'm just going to emphasize how valuable of a person she is.

I had been told a few years ago that she decided to block my e-mail. But this is the only honest way I really know how to contact her. So I have asked that God has intervened, maybe to change her mind and unblock it at some point. If she has unblocked it, then she would be open to receiving my message. If not, then she won't know I sent it anyway. This will be the last time I attempt to contact her.

Anyway, if you read this, pray for God's favor for me in reaching this message to her. I pray for His will to be done, and I pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance, and I pray in the name of Jesus Christ against any of the darkness working against this.

EDIT: I have sent the message.
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