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Praying for a husband

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Hi everyone
I am 35 from India, has been saved for over 20 yrs. I need prayers for lord to send me a god ordained spouse. Have been married once when i was 26 and got it annulled because of some unforeseen issues and god directed and led me through the whole process and now when i talk about it people don't believe how miraculous it has been. It would generally take years for the process but my case was closed in a few months.
I am now seeking for companionship and want god to help me in this process as well. please remember me in your prayers.
Hi Shanth, you poor thing: I know how you feel. Back in the day, I remember thinking to myself, I'm young, good looking (ha ha - so OK, it was a long time ago) asking myself, what's wrong with everyone? Why am I finding finding a date so hard? I think sometimes we're unhappy with God's will in our life and so we tell Him our plans and then instruct Him to sort it out in the form of prayer.

I'm wondering if you're feeling a wee bit lonely? Sometimes Christians can be all gushing with warmth and love on a Sunday but the rest of the week they're too busy in their own little bubble to extend that love to the other 6 days. I've been there to, you can be part of a massive church and still feel really quite lonely.

My advice to you is to stop looking for a hubby right now. It makes you vulnerable to saying yes to the first guy that asks - remember you dodged a bullet last time!! Instead concentrate on your faith and relationship with God. You need to get yourself to a point where you can honestly say to God, thy grace is sufficient for me (a bit out of context I accept). Then ask God to reveal to you His map for your life. If He wants you to stay single ask that He'll help you deal with your feelings and desires and help refocus them on Him. Speaking as an outsider, I doubt that's the case, look at 1 Corinthians 7:8. That said, there's nothing to stop you making God's will a bit easier by more socialising in Christian circles. If other local churches are holding events or going on Christian holidays, do it! Look online for events near you - not dating sites lol. Your focus must be on increasing the number of your Christian friends and trying to make close friendships of either sex that last 7 days a week, When you stop looking for a date, there's a good probability it'll happen.


Dear Lord God, I pray for my sister Shanth and ask for a really really close blessing on her, not just for today but for the rest of her days down here. Please Lord work your Holy Spirit in her, give her the confidence to get out there and make good friends, friends that she can share about your goodness and blessings, friends that really love her and care about her and whom she can reciprocate that love. We are so privileged to be able to have such a close relationship with you God because we know that because you're so powerful and mighty, you're in total control in each of our lives. Even better than that, you work your power and control of us in our best interests because you love us. Forgive us God of our impatience, want to press the fast forward button to the good bits and teach us Lord patience to wait upon your good time.

Thanks for sharing, Shanthi. I just said a prayer for you, asking the Lord to bless you with a suitable life partner and take care of everything that concerns you. He cares more deeply than we can imagine and is faithful to respond according to His perfect will. May your confidence in His grace and goodness increase as you look to Him in faith. God’s richest blessings to you!
Thank you guys for the prayers ad support. I have been praying and have promises from god regarding a spouse and future children so i m sure its on the way. I cant wait to see how god writes my story!!

God bless you all!!!