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Prayers needed for a kitty cat...

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Formerly Adiaglow
Hey ya'll. Hope you're all being blessed. :)
My mom's cat, Gracie is very sick, and is going up & down healthwise. She's only about 1 1/2 years old...she's not eating or drinking, and she's basically not functioning. My mom's cats are like her kids and she's very upset. I was coming here to ask for any prayers that you could lend for God to heal her and for comfort. Thank you, & God bless.
Staff Member
This is actually a nice prayer request in a different way. Usually you don't hear about this (or so I don't) but I like this much. It goes to show respect for GOD's beautiful creatures. I love cats and kittens and dogs and what have you. They're all beautiful creatures thanks be to GOD.

I love Jesus :) (you have to throw that in sometimes out of nowhere lol)
Hi adiaglow. . .God loves healing and restoring health, spirits and souls. . . it is probably the easiest thing for him to do, just like forgiving us out of pure mercy... because he just loves Us so much .. .

In the cat case. . .hehe. . .
you might believe it or not. . .we had a young kitten .(she is 2 now!). . got a real bad cat cold in the first 6 month. .. till she got so bad sneezin green stuff (yak) my hubby said he couldnt stand this much longer. . .she wasnt gettin any better for a couple of month. . .
Our kids loved the cat. . .and I wanted to have the kitty healed so I grabbed her one time out of deep frustration layed my hand on her and asked God for a special blessing to restore her health so we can keep her please (selfish thought I know)

Within the next week she didnt have any more symptoms. . . she hasnt been sick since then anymore . .. I am so thankful God even reacted for this selfish wish to keep a little kitty... it was such a beautiful prayer experience for me personally. . .and I think He really meant well do comfort my sad soul in that moment. . .God is just Great!

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