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prayers for workmates

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Lanolin, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. They haven't requested prayer but maybe just pray anyway as I need to work with them.

    One seems angry and hurt (don't know why, personal stuff, lust, loss) and the other has issues with gay pride.
    They aren't believers (yet!) but as its work situation can't really witness to them, and also, they are very defensive.

    Or maybe give me the words to say. I can't mention the 'G' word because one will say sarcastically oh god is spaghetti monster, and the other seems to think christians are just these weird people who are nice for no good reason.

    Yea so anyway. I just have to put up with a lot of swearing and loud rock music and crude jokes all the time but mostly it doesn't bother me. I'm not going to be friends with the world, but these are the people I've got to work with. Unless...maybe they will decide to leave and I will have new workmates. I don't know. Lord just show them you are real and your way is best.

    I detect a hunger for righteousness even if it's just a smidgen.
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  2. @Lanolin
    Praying for your workmates.
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  3. Looks like may be having new workmates come on board in future..thanks for prayers, have another week with one, Monday wasnt so good seems like he had a bad weekend and so was a bit grumpy and uncommunicative today but I do see some light shining in the darkness.
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  4. Praying for Lanolin and this situation. Blessings.
  5. Still seems in an off mood today.
    Thinking if hes going to be like this all week dont know how long I will last in this job.

    How can you work with someone who says over and over if you dont like me theres the door.
    So Im like ok I can find my own way home and you can work by yourself.

    My way or the highway I suppose. What about doing it God's way?
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  6. Thanks for prayers TJers.

    Am back working the other run now (which is normal for me) but it did seem like things have improved a bit on the work front with the other workmates.

    Maybe just pray for clear communications and less misunderstandings. Or we may all be going deaf from too much lawnmowing.
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  7. Praise report one workmate gave me some help in the church garden. Hes an adamant 'my way or the highway' kind of person. Asked him what he thinks of Jesus and he kept saying well hes just a man even though he is the Son of God. He does have a bible, even a kjv. I just said well read the bible again!

    Although he did say he was a hard nut to crack. Well keep asking God to water him till his heart is all soft and gooey.
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  8. The new workmate asked me about church today. I told him how we were hearing the story of Jesus again with Marys pregnancy (for advent/christmas) and that I never grow tired of it.
    He said his mother in law goes, I asked him if he ever goes and he said no...but he seemed a bit open to talk about belief or lack of it..I would say hes agnostic, he told me he believed in scientology and I was like what? Or do you mean science?

    i think he meant science. He also talked about evolution and karma but wasnt so sure about an afterlife. i said well you reap what you sow, maybe he will ask me more? He said he didnt grow up in church and hasnt been baptised.

    Please pray I have the words to say to him about the gospel. And how heaven is waiting for him if he repents and believes.
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  9. No man can come to Me,
    except the Father which hath sent Me draw him:
    and I will raise him up at the last day.

    John 6:44​


    Thank you for updating. And may everything you do as well be a witness to this workmate and all others you work with, in and by and with God's grace in Jesus Christ the Lord

    Bless you ....><>

    P.S. About the hard nut... it takes a little longer, soaking in the water, before it sprouts. Keep the Water up to it and a little sunshine, from the Son.
    and remember that it is not us pushing but the Father drawing that will lead them to Life.

    No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day. John 6:44
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  10. You could always remind him God has a wrench to fit every nut. :)
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  11. Lol I did buy a wrench/spanner the other week. To turn this tap that you cant turn with your hands...
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  12. One of my workmates was unwell yesterday said he was vomiting and feeling awful so had the day off. He seems to have off days quite a bit so can you pray for him. He's flatting at the moment and I have a hunch hes not living with the healthiest of flatmates (also theres a child who seems to get every flu, cold, cough, infection) but he did tell me hes not smoked for 8 days which is good.

    The other workmate gets annoyed when he calls in sick which he thinks is a bit too much. But the other workmate carries on working when hes unwell and got headache and tired so thats no good either!
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  13. Greetings,

    yes, we all need health in abundance so praying for others is good. Do unto others as we would have them do unto us,
    If you get opportunity may you have words for your workmates, words of life, in the name of Jesus.

    Bless you ....><>
  14. It seems like two workmates had days off today the one that was off on friday was off again - sore tummy and the new workmate has had two days off, probably unwell too

    We got our work done with two workers down but am a bit concerned for the other workmate who has to work by himself as he works very hard even when hes not well, carrying heavy loads by himself, and it must be annoying to have your coworkers call in sick all the time. Praise the lord i havent been sick since i started but we have only five days sick leave, yet it seems some just use up their annual leave for whenever they dont feel like working. I hope they were genuine and not just 'taking a sickie' as people call it. I know cos my dad would do that when he just wanted to watch the cricket on tv. He never really got sick and never took holidays either so just took leave whenever he wanted.

    My mum is opposite she practically forced me to work when I was sick and constantly threatened me that i would lose my job if I took too many days off, and she wasnt even my boss! But then my previous work we had rosters but we had casual back ups.

    I cant remember ever having a planned holiday (or vacation as americans call it) when i was growing up to go somewhere, holidays were just days you stayed home. Dad always worked on holidays anyway. Too tired from working to go anywhere...

    The annoying thing with holidays if you really want to go somwhere you have to just go on your own if nobody else can go with you and if you got nowhere to stay well you cant go anywhere!

    When i was out of work for a while i thought hooray I can actually take a holiday but mum was like no get a job then take a holiday I can never win. Have been working through christmas and new years when everyone else has their breaks so am really looking forward to some time off. I should have stayed in teaching maybe and then would always have school holidays, only thing is if you a librarian school holidays arent paid.

    Prayers please cos im exhausted, too exhauated to even go to the beach after work cos its too much energy to drive anywhere and have nobody to go with. However the good thing about working is not being nagged by busybodies wanted to know if youve got a job and oh can you do this and that for me as you got nothing to do. And then being treated like a slave for no pay.
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  15. Greetings,

    yes, gladly! I was praying for you earlier today and will continue to do so.


    Bless you ....><>
  16. Thank you brother bear well the workmate who was sick turned up to work today and he was not looking well at all, but he still worked, sadly hes been having issues getting along with the other one who has a personality clash with him and accusing him of stuff trying to get him to leave.

    Arrgh. Which means tomorrow may have to work with this hard nut workmate..i think they have a toxic working relationship I dont know who the culprit is but wish satan would stop messing with these guys. Good news though one of them said he wouldnt swear and curse anymore and realised it didnt do anything good anyway. Hooray!
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  17. Praise report I got to the beach yesterday, my workmates recovered and I didnt need to work with hard nut one this week. Also misunderstandings got sorted out with the managers.

    I do have another request though the big boss had to have an operation to remove an eye! He had some kind of melanoma in it. So hes recovering now he had to come up to the city hospital for surgery.

    I dont know how he will cope with one eye but people do...can you please pray for him and his family.
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  18. Greetings,

    yes. Also that you all do your best to do well for the boss while he is away and recovering.

    Bless you ....><>
  19. Its the big boss not the team leader but yea.

    Update well the new guy we had heard just last week is resigning he says he has fo help out his tetraplegic sister but he might come back after her care is sorted.

    So we will be getting a new team member when he goes. And good news I will be having a week off in a weeks time hooray!
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