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Prayers For Nicholas.....

I would ask you all to please pray for Nicholas, he is a wonderful friend, a kind and gentle man and he is suffering terribly.
Nicholas is undergoing his third operation in the space of two weeks in just a short while from now. It is now 15.10pm in Ireland and the operation is at 16.30pm..........
I know that Nicholas is fearful that he may not get through this and I ask you to please join with me in prayer that Nicholas may come though this operation and convelescence in peace with the help of his family and friends who care for and love him dearly.
Thank you :girl_hug:
Thank you Carrie for letting us know. I'm always in prayer for Nicholas. Please tell him I send my love. :girl_hug: sunshine307
Thank you so much Sunshine and Eagle :)

I have just spoken with Nicholas and his operation has been delayed due to an accident that came into the hospital.......hw will be going down to theatre in the next half hour.......it's now 19.45pm.........

I pray that Nicholas will be all right, he is strong-willed :)

he asked me to thank you for your continuous prayers and all going well he will be in touch with you himself soon :)

I will let you know as soon as I know how the operation goes......

thanks again

Lord Jesus, please give Nicholas comfort, understanding and healing faith, that his recovery is swift and presented that all may see Your healing Holy touch on his body, as well as his mind and spirit, amen.
Praise God! Thank you - everyone who has prayed for Nicholas, I just wish I could thank you all in person - Nicholas if doing good after his third operation last night :)
It is with sincere gratitude that I thank you all for your prayers and wishes, please God Nicholas may fully recover to lead a pain free life :)

I will remember you all in my prayers :) :girl_hug:

I've just received news that Nicholas is home from hospital. He is very sore, taking it easy, but doing ok. All praise, honour and glory to God. :thumbs_up

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