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Prayers for my family

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Ephraim, my 32 months boy is diagnosed for autism. He is doing ABA therapy. Please pray God heals him so that he can speak, praise and worship the Lord. Please also pray for my wife. She is 10 weeks pregnant. We had multiple miscarriages.
Also pray for the Lord to give me and my family the grace for a better prayer life and to stick on seeking the lord all the time; to deliver us from social media addiction and credir card debt. Thank you
Oh Dear Lord God, the poor Jared family aren't half going through the mill here. Firstly we do pray for healing for little Ephraim, whether it's instant or gradual, please Lord God let's see your miracle at work in his life. We also pray for full term pregnancy and delivery for Mrs. Jared, according to your will Lord.

Lord I also pray for their shortcomings that they've admitted to. Social media can be used for your glory and to proclaim your message but there's downsides which they're finding out. Please Lord lots of wisdom and discipline to limit time spent to a fraction. With credit cards Lord, please Lord open their eyes with that same wisdom to reveal to them that they have to cut up their cards and together, prayerfully to put together a realistic family budget and stick rigidly to it and hopefully begin a planned repayment schedule with the card companies.

More than any of that Lord, I pray for this family that they will all stay close to you, share the relationship and with you as ultimate head of the family. I pray for cohesion, that they will all work together for the good of each other and the family as a whole and that soon Lord there will be light at the end of what has been quite a dark tunnel for them.

I pray Lord for lots of your blessings upon them, happy times, love for each other and you and an ongoing testimony of your working in their lives.