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Prayers are needed

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I don't even know how to begin this...my head is still spinning. Yesterday morning, my perfect little man passed away in his sleep. His little heart and body just couldn't take being so sick. He fought as hard as he could and was just too tired. I pray more than anything in the world that he's in Gods arms now, no longer suffering. Waiting for the day that I'll see him again. My heart is absolutely broken. I'M broken. How am I supposed to keep going when he isn't here with me? His life had just begun and now he's gone. I don't know what to do or say or how to cope with any of this. I just want to scream and cry more than I already have, but it won't bring him back... Now I have to try and plan a funeral for my own child while I'm grieving. I can't even afford it, the burial that he deserves. He shouldn't even be HAVING one, he should still be with me, but he's not. And I can't even properly lay him to rest. Please, pray that he's happy now. That he's not hurting. And that I'll get through this somehow. If anyone can talk...or just offer any words of comfort, please message me. I just need...PEOPLE right now. If I don't answer right away, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to understand this. I guess the Lord just wanted him close far sooner than I was ready to let him go.
Dear sister, my heart is torn, I feel the pain you are experiencing, how do we find words in such circumstances.
Our heart speaks volumes when we cannot find the right words.

Be assured the Holy Spirit knows your hearts, He is groaning with you and for you, interceding your prayers to God through Jesus.

God knows everything you feel right now, and that is a lot, Jesus wants you to come to him, He wants you trust in him, He will help you through this and always be there for you.

We are praying for you sister, we pray you will have help from others where you live, you need to be with others, you need help from believers who will pray for you and guide you. It is so hard on the internet in these times, we just want to hug you, please accept our love and hugs as if we were there with you.

May the peace of God touch your heart today and always, may the Love of God surround you and fill you.

May His Blessings be on you today always.

Jesus loves you we do too.
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Hello Sister,
My heart goes out to you as my tears mingle with yours on your separation from your child.
I pray that in time you will know the comfort in the knowledge that your child is with the Lord.

I've known music to help release the pain and anguish of loss that our very spirits yearn to scream out to the Heavens for......at least for a moment.

With the Love of Christ Jesus I will be praying you Sister.


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