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Prayers 4 my eldest son chano

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:eek:mg: I need all your help in praying for my oldest son Chano please. He got himself in lots of trouble and I know he regrets it. So please help me in praying for him to wake up and realize that this is the way the lord is asking him to grow up and change for the best. please pray for him to seek the lord and have faith in the lord. And for the lord to guide him and protect him with all his power.I pray for him to stay safe and out of trouble.:rose: I love him dearly and it breaks my heart to hear that he is in this situation. I pray every minute that the lord will take care of him for me. But I know I need others to help me pray for him also.
Thank you very much
:rainbow: Shorti:messenger
God Bless You

I want to thank you very much with the bottom of my heart that you are able to help me pray for my son.
Thank you very much and very much appriciated. Shorti

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