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prayer works!

Prayer is powerful it can bring demons to their knees! it will break any chain the devil has on you!
God hears prayers not always does it seem he is listening but you can bet he hears you. He knows you from the day you formed in your mothers womb. He created you to serve him in mighty ways . we all have purpose. I heard many older Christians say that they have come to a place in their lives where thewy dont even need to ask God to do something for them that he does. I dont think that they got there with out prayer eather. I think our prayers actually strengthen us and help us to grow in our relationship with Christ. I find my self at times where I just feel so tired and wore out from daily activities of being a mom of 5 wonderful children and a devoted wife plus a writer . I sometimes feel like well missing one day of prayer or missing a little bible time wont hurt but actually it can. the word says to keep the word in our eye sights all the time.
back in the old days men used these blinders to shield their donkeys from seeing anything but what was right in front of them. it kept them to stay on the right track. maybe we need to throw some of those spiritual binders on so we can keep our eyes forward and not on the situations that surrounds us.
You never know if the reason you may be praying is to save ones life or help to bring them out of captivity. your very prayer maybe just what God is waiting on to release that individual. So always pray for those you know are lost or going through hard times. we have to be the sholder they need in the worst of times!
10 yrs ago my husband was a heavy drinker and he went off with some people he thought he could trust to a local rock concert. they partied all night at the concert and returned to a friends home. an arguement broke out and they beat him and through him back in his car and told him to leave . he was so drunk and his glasses were broke but he drove off. As he drove home across town his mother was sleeping she was awakened by Holy Spirit and told to admediately begin to pray. she wasnt told why she just was obedient to his words and began to pray at the very same time she began to pray he was in an aweful car accident. the ambulance men said they were amazed he was even alive and yet he walked around like he was fine . no one else was injured in the accident either. the car was so crushed that if there was anyone in the passengers seat they would have been pushed into the trunk. he gave his life to christ not to long after that and has been serving him in awesome ways. he is apart of a Christain band and is on our praise team at our church. I find him to be meek and yet bold. he continues to bless me each and everyday. I praise God for him and I praise him for the change he brought in his life.
prayer is so important and needs to be a daily thing such as reading the word. we have to work both in our daily walk to become an overcomer! we will never be perfect but we have to strive to it. well God bless all of you.

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