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Prayer Time

How often do you pray?

  • All day long, every moment alone with GOD or with Church

    Votes: 38 60.3%
  • At night before I sleep

    Votes: 7 11.1%
  • In the morning when I wake up, at night before I sleep

    Votes: 7 11.1%
  • I don't pray

    Votes: 2 3.2%
  • I pray only when I feel like praying

    Votes: 4 6.3%
  • I pray only at Church

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I pray, but not every single day.

    Votes: 5 7.9%

  • Total voters
Staff Member
How often do you pray each day, week, month?

Express your honesty and tell us about your prayer life! Encourage others, even request a prayer from others to build up your own faith and walk with GOD.
i pray all the time.. it may not always be that i am on my knees asking for something.. sometimes i just like to sit back and talk to him for no real reason at all.. maybe ill share whats on my mind or just babble on about things i may be thinking about or just ask random questions that may pop in my head.. there really isnt ever a bad time to talk to god for me and i can be doing anything at the time.. mowing the lawn, working on the car, pumping gas, hanging with friends... maybe i am weird.. lol :shade:
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Staff Member
I'm one to save it all for night time, but in my heart I praise always - I'm always thinking of GOD, for me its automatic which shows me that this is a sign of being filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit Himself. Amen to that!
All day long, every moment alone with GOD or with Church......I don't need to be alone....i can be at the atlanta motor speedway and still pray!
Great thread! My mind seems to always be on God, we talk Alot! I take, "pray without ceasing" seriously. I have a daily time when I focus on Him, a time in which I am not driving, showering, walking, eating lunch or anything. I take time to be alone with God each day in my prayer closet. I also, like TheDrew, find that I tend to walk around and babble to God, I was doing that the other day in a WalMart, and noticed a woman giving me some strange looks. I didn't realize that I was actually speaking out loud....lol. I hope that hearing my conversation with my Abba, helped her. God and I have some great conversations, and I learn a lot....lol. One time when I was mowing the lawn, I saw my wife standing at the door smiling, she had been in the house and could hear me singing praises over the sound of the mower. I know I give God a laugh or two each day.

God Bless you all

Your Pastor T
Staff Member
LOL Pastor. That's a good one (last line).

I love to laugh with GOD. I think the funniest jokes I share with GOD is when I pull a "ok tha was a corny joke from me GOD sorry" kind of ending LOL ;)
I love to laugh with GOD.

:note2: ...and He walks with me...
and He talks with me...
and He tells me I am His own...
and the joy we share as we tarry there...
none other has ever known! :note2:
Great post!
Prayer is the spiritual food with which we feed our souls. Why don't we forget to eat? Because of the hunger! Why don't we forget to drink water? Because of the thirst! So, as we don't forget to take of our bodies, we should never forget to feed our souls and our hearts. And the more we pray, the more we want to be closer to the Lord because we can feel His presence, His holy Hands caressing us when we are in pain, His holy Eyes looking at us when we are asking for His help.
Concerning me, I try to pray whenever and wherever I am, not only in the night or in the morning. I try to be closer to my Lord with every single second that passes by. But I think the most intensive prayer it's in the night, before I go to sleep. That is the moment when I give Him all my thoughts, all my ideas, my memories, my entire life and I ask for His protection in the night that's coming. If I'm sad, lonely or hopeless, I often cannot find my words. But I simply lift up my eyes with tears and I feel Him near me, giving me strength and courage to continue. Sometimes I just forget about the time because no other minutes from my life are more precious than the ones that I spend on my knees, praying.
In the morning, the first thing that gets into my mind is to thank God for His blessing that poured down on me, for that He opened my eyes and let me see the beautiful light of the sunrise. Very often I use to stay some minutes at my window in the morning, breathing fresh air and admiring the light of the sun. I think God is up there, sending all these beauties and marvels to us. Through the colors and the rays of the sun I can see His merciful face and hear His sweet voice calling us to do His will. He's always with us :love:
Every single second is precious. Every single day of our life should be used for doing good, for getting closer to our Lord, and finally...for reaching the real and the true life in Heaven.

God bless you all
I like to pray at the end of the day, so that i can reflect on events that have happend over the past 24 hours and record it in my prayer journal. But to be honest as i tend to work alone for the best part of the day i feel that I can quietly pray when the mood takes me.
This is an awesome post. It makes you really think about your personal relationship with God. Personally, I pray in the mornings, I go to school and on the way to school I pray, like i mentioned earlier. I mean, you just look at all the things surrounding you, all the nature, trees, sky, flowers, grass, and you just praise God. and I am always throughout the day, well not always, but throuout the day I pray in my head, and at night also. Well prayer is a good thing, you don't even have to be on your knees to do it, you can do it in your head and heart and God will hear you. well God bless you all:)
ur sis, Tanya
Staff Member
I pray aloud at night, sometimes during the day (I'm working on building that up) and in my heart I praise GOD 24/7 :)
I tend to pray all throughout the day. Sometimes people come to mind & I just lift them up in prayer then. I wake up occasionally during the night feeling the need to pray for someone - occasionally I will hear or see the written name of someone I don't know as I'm dreaming & I know God wants me to pray for them.

as far as i knwo i pray evry night before bed in bed about everything.. Relationship my self others, Family and for God..

in the mornign i pray that evry one will be safe and that it will be an AWESOME day...

me if your all wantign to fit in soem extra time praying feel freeto pray for me. for Guidance and Knowledge...

well yeah that is what i recon..

Love Simon!!!
yea dw smile... im wif u..

but as 4 praying.. i pray b4 i go 2 bed.. then if something comes in2 my head at some point in time, ill say a quick prayer 4 it.. like if i rememba some one on TJ whose goin thru a hrad time... ill say a quick prayer 4 em.. so its like an ongoin thing..

one of my teachers @ skool says that we should remember that we r goin into the throne room of God wen we go to pray, an we r actually havin a one-on-one convo wif him.. so yea.. remember that when u r praying, an it helps a bit.. maybe a lot...

thought i'd throw in my 2 cents.. so yea..
I pray well .... at every chance I get... driving in the car ...shopping (like Pastor T hehe have gotten funny looks too! ) When I am frustrated I try and stop and pray. sometimes my kids come because they hear me talking so they think I am talking to them or company is over . Joyfully ~ Jlu
Anywhere, Everywhere, at any time, as I feel led to pray, public or not, but usually only outloud for Grace before meals, unless it is private Just me and none else then I pray aloud between me and the Father
Most probably 99% when in public silently
Staff Member
I like to keep my prayers strictly between me and GOD. I never say grace at the table honestly only because it say my thanks for everything at nighttime prayer. In my heart all day long my spirit prays and thinks of GOD :) Amen