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Prayer requested for son/choosing the right path

My son, (Tim) age 23, has been raised "right" by his mother and I, graduated from Christian school in 2011. Still living at home (which is fine with us) while working to get a steady footing, starting life out on the right foot financially, hoping to purchase a home and move right in, instead of paying high rent prices & struggling along like "we" did many years ago...

As mentioned, he was raised correctly, is the kindest person you would ever want to meet, has a tender heart of gold, truly a beautiful individual, saved, and knows what is right, has had years of Godly instruction....however...

As with most young people, he can be easily swayed by certain people, and his "girlfriend" is no exception to that. She is more "experienced" (shall we say) in the world than he is, and is leading him down roads that are destructive.

I was young once (lol), so I fully realize that new, "forbidden" adventures are exciting to a young person, but as a parent, we can all agree that this behavior breaks our heart, especially when we know what the outcome can be.

I humbly ask that you all join with me in prayer that he will come to his senses and take a stand/turn from this type of behavior, and not give in to the pleasures of the world.

Thank you for your prayers.


Father I pray in Jesus name for your devine intervention into the life of this young man Tim, that you would put a hedge of thorns around him as you did for Hosea w/ Gomer and remove wrong relationships to replace them w/ Godly ones! Bring heavy conviction upon Tim and a strong desire by your Holy Ghost to put you first in his life, In Jesus Name, Amen!
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Joining my prayers with others for Intercession in the life of your son, his girlfriend and your family as well. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Amen.
Thanks to all of you.
It means a lot to me, as any of you who have children realize how much you want them to walk the right path. Most of the time, this is a slow gradual thing, a learning process, although I do know that God can soften their hearts overnight. I am very thankful that we have a great relationship, as many folks I know are "on the outs" with their kids. I determined early on that this would not be the case with our son. If you work at a relationship hard enough, God works wonders.
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Will be praying for your son Tim. So easy to get caught up in the world these days isn't it? We all need to pray for each other, the church in whole especially.
"And we know this: that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

I will gladly pray for your son and his situation; but I will also pray for you-the strength to endure, and the perspective to see the answer rather than be troubled by the waves. One can only do so much for their children, but at some point they must leave the security of "administrative action," at home and make these choices of their own free will eh? i do not contend the danger of said situation, nor do I demean your position/perspective, mind you; both are scripturally sound and rooted in love. I simply redirect to a different vantage of these matters.

Not every path travels the same road, even when the final destination is the same; yet each path has its own obstacles. Granted, some routes are riddled with more numerous or more complicated ones. However, it is not the path which defines the value of a course; but it's final destination which defines it.

Therefore let us pray three things for your son:

1). Let us pray that he is kept safe and soundly rooted in the faith regardless which course he takes; let us pray that his decisions be wise, his dangers be minimal, and his foundation secure-as the world would choose to temp/test/try him.
2) Let us pray that he will be a light of love, grace, and truth in the relationship he is committed to; that the power of Christ and revelation of His character be self-evident in your son-that she may one day become a more "grounded," and temperate woman in regards to worldly actions.
3) Let us pray that God will use even the biggest obstacles and difficult trials in your son's journey to an exponential kingdom benefit; may Father take the hurts that the enemy would cast and mold them into healing for others. May Father use each and every item in His grand plans, in a manner that makes darkness and bitterness become light and salt.

** Father, you know all our needs before we as; and you know every heart, every heartbeat, every step we will choose along the way; we would simply ask that you be who You are, do what You do, and glorify Yourself along the way. Let it not merely be your will which is done; but let your will be one of favor, providence, blessing, deliverance, and chain-breaking/mountain-moving power in the lives of Tim, his father, his family, and the woman he is in a relationship with. Let there be a hedge of protection and an anointed covering over the young couple as they risk themselves on the very front lines of the world's spiritual war. Let their actions be prudent, let their decisions be made with intentional approach towards making them educated and sound decisions. Let Tim be a shining example of your great love, your flawless character, and the very message/image of Christ Himself; that his life be a living testimony to you-a ministry for you. We ask that you fulfill your assurance in Romans 8:28, knowing as it states in Isaiah 55:11 that Your Word cannot return void, and in Matt. 18:19, "Again I say to you, that if two believers on earth agree [that is, are of one mind, in harmony] about anything that they ask [within the will of God], it will be done for them by My Father in heaven," and finally in Matt.21:22, "22 And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” We ask, we agree and we believe; thus Father we thank you so much for hearing our humble prayer. We thank you for your great faithfulness and love; we thank you for who You are and what You have done; and we thank You for what we can be confident will continue until the day of Christ's return. We pray these things in the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of all! AMEN!**
I pray as your son goes through this period in his life that he learns through it what God wills for him to learn, Lord bring him out the other side, wiser, stronger in his Faith and humbled before your throne to serve you. May he bring others with him through this that as he travels this short journey, pull him over to your side and hold his hand. In Jesus name. God bless your family, may God grant this to be a swift journey in your sons life . Amen