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Prayer request.

Hullo children of God. Praise Him.
Please join me in prayer.
I feel devastated because I cannot find a job as well as capital to start up a business so I can earn. I have prayed but nothing seems to change. It's been a year now.
Am believing God for a change.
Thanks. God bless you
Hi Arishaba,

Good to hear from you mate. I'm reading between the lines of your post, and maybe I'm wrong, it's that word 'cannot' but I think that maybe there's some self esteem issues going on there. Please can I urge you to read your Bible and see for yourself what God over the millennia has done for you, His promises, how He's today looking after and nurturing and protecting you? This is not for the church (other people) no, these are for you Arishaba. God loves the person in you that He created, sent His son to die to facilitate your rescue from an unthinkable ending and then individually called you. He's with you moment by moment, caring and providing for you and one day He'll be welcoming you into His 'Many Mansions' and showing you to your quarters.

Back to topic. There's no such thing as cannot for a child of God but you need to play your part. There's never been a better time to start a business with all the internet platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and more. So if that's what you want to do, spend the next few weeks in research, there's a wealth of info, advice and ideas on YouTube, Reddit and other websites.

Similarly with employment, as countries are starting to recover from Covid, there's a bounce back and a shortage of labour in different areas. Again, time to research on how to draft a CV that stands out and even more importantly, the covering email that'll get your CV read. Look on YouTube on social media, particularly how to do a LinkedIn profile and how to create and expand a network.

Keep asking and praying and then researching, God's provided especially for you His Holy Spirit who will open your eyes as to His magnificence and love for you but more practically, He'll guide, show and train you in what the Bible calls wisdom but more up to date, means relevant knowledge.


Dear Lord God, poor Arishaba's getting a bit down lately and I know Lord I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know because you're with and inside of each of us, caring, loving, guiding, providing and blessing us, and yet despite this we're so often totally oblivious of your presence, and we're deceived into feeling so helpless and alone - no we are not; and that's because we're your adopted children and precious members of your family.

I pray for Arishaba, I pray that you'll draw close to him / her and enhance and increase his / her experience and knowledge of you. We thank you that you love us with a precious unending love that makes us so dependant upon you, the almighty, all powerful father that wants only the very best for us, and all we have to do is seek out your will and follow it.

I pray dear Lord for a special revelation for Arishaba and guiding and leading that only you are loving and powerful enough to provide.

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear precious Lord.

Thank you so much @Andyindauk.
I believe your prayer for me is being answered. I have been trying so much researching for what I can do to earn money online but most of the opportunities are limited to my country Uganda.
But I thank God because by faith I have started working on my business plan. I will nolonger worry like before. I know God loves and cares about me.

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