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Prayer Request

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by rut, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Please I need your urgent prayers for the Lord to give me favor to buy a sewing machine and rent a small place to start my sewing work so I can help those who are in need and use it to serve God better.

    Pray for the girls in my area for the Lord to touch and change them. Pray for people in my area to repent from their sinful ways and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.
    Thank you.

    Ruth Michael.
  2. Glad to pray for you Ruth!!
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  3. Praying for you, sister.
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  4. @rut

    I am also praying for you.
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  5. Thank you very much for praying for me.We just return from our church service. Every Sunday morning we had what we call three hours with the Lord.We start by 8.00AM and by 11.00AM.It is a time digging deep to the Word, sermons , singing and prayers.Although our church is a very small group with 26 members. I love it because every one is eager to study the Word of God and grow in the Lord.
    Did you go to Church today? How was it today? Do you belong to a big Church?
    Have a great Sunday.

    Ruth Michael.
  6. Hello Friends, We just returned from church service.Each Sunday we had what we call three hours with the Lord.The service starts at 8.00AM and ends by 11.00AM.It is special time of study, digging deep in the Word, sermon, singing and praying. We are a very small group with 26 members, not a rich group in material things but spiritual every in is rich.Every one here strife to be God what them to be, even with so much struggles and much sufferings.

    Do you go to Church today.Share your experience with me.

    Love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
  7. God bless you for taking the time to pray for me.I'm excited to know people are praying for me.i know that God will use your prayers to perfect things in my life soon.I had a blessed Sunday today.We had a real time to study and listen to sermon, sing and pray for three hours.
    Please pray for God to make away for our small members to have Bible that they will use in studying the Word of God/

    Thank you.

    Ruth Michael.
  8. Please pray for the Lord to make away so our small church members can have a Bible to use in studying the Word of God.Most of them come to church with the Book Of Mormon in their hands. I have many times told them that it is not the Holy Bible and that they should throw them away. They said it was given to them free of charge in their area since they cannot afford to buy the Holy Bible. Today I told the Pastor about the Book Of Mormon and he asked them to throw them away and believe God that one day He will provide them money to buy the Holy Bible.
    Please pray for these very need too.

    Love in Christ,

    Ruth Michael.
  9. It is too early yet this morning, but I will be leaving soon to attend services. Our church is very small. It is unusual for us to have 20 in attendance. If I were closer to your church in Nigeria I would like to visit regularly. I know little of Africa, but I know about people who love God. In your country where natural life is difficult you probably have more a higher portion of true believers than in our supposedly great country where there are millions of Bibles and many thousands of churches. People too often do not realize or appreciate how much God has blessed them. He has blessed our country, but now it is stumbling very badly because so many have forsaken God.

    I attend our small church rather than one of the big ones available because we have an old pastor/preacher who loves God and tries to stick close to what the Bible teaches rather than what people may want. The important thing should always be what God wants rather than what I want or what you want.

    Give God the glory!
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  10. Thank you brother for sharing the situation of your church with me. I think when people are richly bless by God, they seems to forget about him. But I was told in your country ,every one is a true believer in Christ, since the foundation of your country was founded in God.However I still believe that in the USA, there are many people who love God more than what is obtainable in Africa.


    Ruth Michael.

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