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Prayer Request

I am requesting prayer for me and my family for healing, guidance, and blessings. I've been divorced for 8 years and have struggled financially. I work full time, raise my 3 children and care for my aging parents. Its taken its toll - I am tired and battling depression. I will fight with everything in me to conquer this. My children are my life and I know the struggles and things I endure will not last forever. It has been a long few years and I am receiving a few of gods blessings now after years of prayer and patience. Im learning to make better decisions and choices and to ask for help when needed. But I am asking for gods guidance to become more prominent in my life and for him to lead me as he wishes. To open my eyes ears and heart to hear him and do his will. I ask for protection against all evil and negative in our lives, for our family to be blessed and surrounded only by those who are good and truly love us.
I ask for God to bring my family closer and heal us of our past hurts and our hearts because of the divorce and to make our family united and stronger as one. In your name I pray dear lord Amen.

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