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Prayer Request

Well I've never been close to my dad I just call him Rick or my borther his name is Justin. They live together, they drink together, they do drugs together, they just party and do bad stuff togther. I so badly try to get them to come to church with me but there usually hung over from the night before. They both have very serious heart conditions. The truth is I fear someday they are just going to drink themselves to death. Please pray with me that they will find God before its too late. Please Lord save them. Jesus,Jesus,Jesus, help me to witness to them. Please God they need you, In Jesus name Amen.
Staff Member
Sorry to hear that sister. I will pray for your father and brother. I cannot relate to that situation your in but can certainly imagine the difficulty in living day by day with hurt of what you see your own family members doing to themselves.

Keep your faith strong. GOD loves you and them the same.
Hi Natashia, I will pray. Sometimes it is easier for someone outside of family to reach those we love. They may be so used to tuning us out that it will only take a "fresh voice" to get thru. I am praying that God will place someone in their paths to minister to them & that their hearts will be tendered by Him to receive what is said.

You are sowing seeds - don't be discouraged that they aren't nurturing them just yet. Once their spiritual eyes are opened, they will remember what you have said & will be ready to drink in what you can share.
You can't make them change! But our heavenly father can. We can pray with you like Sapphire said that the Lord will send laborers into their paths. You
also need to be a godly woman before them. Let them see Christ in you and love them. As you walk out of love and a godly life they will want the peace that you have. Believe me they have no peace in their life.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

I try to be Godly for all to see, I'm not trying to change them I just want to start by getting them into church. Learn God's word, and accept Him. I don't want to force the issue and be to pushy about it. They know right from wrong. I'm so afraid of getting a phone call saying my dad is dead. I know some day it will happen I just want his heart to be right when he stands before our God.
Dear Jesus , help our sisters family. May her witness to You inspire them to accept Your salvation.Give her strength in her day to day life and always be at her side. Amen.
Dear god

Please help Natashia to help her brother and dad in some way. Please make them see that what they are doing is hurting her and that they need to stop. Also yeah make them see that they need to join a church and become christians like Natashia is.

Do something to make them stop like you can before it is to final because Natashia loves them alot and because they are family.

Please god do this ok?

Stay Strong, God's working, i'll be praying and you keep praying, something will happen, things will change.
Stay Real
I am praying with you.....as I have friends in some sort of the same type of situation. May God bless and keep you all! Valie