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Prayer Request

Would all you good people out there pray for my little grand-daughter: she is 21 months old, and has had surgery to remove a malignant lump from her digestive tract. She is to be screened twice a year to check if it is coming back.

She also has a deformed stomach, and surgery may be the only option to help her. She is underweight, but very cheerful, and playful. If she has the surgery, her mum has been told she will never be able to eat large meals, but little meals more frequently. I don't believe that God really wants her to be like that for the rest of her life - and I believe in the power of prayer! Our God is a great and mighty God, whose love we can never really understand - He can heal her if we all pray for her. Her name is Phoebe. Please remember her when you pray.

Love in Jesus


Don't worry about her eating big meals because we do not live on bread alone. Lay hands on the little angel and just take comfort that WE all are in God's hands and He alone knows our future and what is really beat for us.
Bless You Loving Heart
Jewel ... She is on our prayer list . GBU Brother :boy_hug: :love:
Thanks, all of you! Phoebe has a whole day of hospital appointments tomorrow. She is still being quite sick, so it not putting on weight as the doctors would like. But she is always on the go - as soon as she wakes up til she drops at night, she is busy. She fell asleep standing up the other day, my daughter was telling me, and she had to pick her up and put her into bed.

My daughter does not follow God's path, but I pray that through Phoebe's troubles and my prayers (and now yours), she may want to know God for herself. God can do all things, and nothing is too big for Him to handle.

I thank Him that I found this site.

Love in Jesus



Your little granddaughter is on my prayer list now, and your daughter too.
The Word says He uses all things to the good of those who serve Him. I believe as you serve Him, He will turn all things to bring glory to Him, in your families time of need. Let your daughter see your faith and let your light shine on this dark situation. Please let us know what happens. You can pm me any time you need prayer for your grandbaby. Your never alone here.

Your sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl: