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Prayer Request

I am going through some trials right now in my life. I am praying and I also so need for my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for me.
Trials help us grow in the LORD . I will pray for you . In the counsel of many , there is wisdom . Visit the chat room , and ask for help and prayer . I know thats what you did with this post , but I mean fellowship together with us all . Satan wants you alone , and silent . Don't give him his way , and lets get through this together . BROTHER
Everyone faces trials. Trials are apart of life. I will pray for you. God will help you through these trials. Trust in Him and have faith.
Sometimes the trials we go thru can make it very difficult for us to pray for ourselves. That is where your Christian brothers & sisters come in...we will pray for you & help you carry the burden as God instructed us to do. If you feel that you can't pray, don't stop communicating with God...praise Him.

Praise Him for any blessings you can think of-
- for His Word that instructs & ministers
- for fellow believers who will carry your burden
- for this forum
- for His Promise to never leave us nor forsake us
....you get the idea....blessings to you & may you feel the comfort of God's Hand