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Prayer request for Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar Military Coup

Myanmar’s military taken control of the country in a coup and declared a state of emergency, following the detention (arrested) of the State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, the president and other senior government leaders (all ministers) in early morning raids on Monday at 4: 00 am on 1 Feb, 2021. Phone lines, internet connections and all televisions broadcasts are down in all of Myanmar. Phone lines and internet was opened within 12 hours. On 2nd Feb, the military commander-in-chief terminated all deputy ministers form ruling party (NLD) and appointed new cabinet leaders from military officers.

Why Now?

Monday was supposed to be the first day of a new session of Parliament following November elections that Suu Kyi’s party won in a landslide — and that the military-backed party did poorly in. The military has claimed widespread irregularities on voter lists could have led to fraud in that vote, though the election commission said there was no evidence to support those claims.

But the announcement on military-owned Myawaddy TV of the takeover cited the government's failure to act on the allegations as part of the reason for the move. It also said the government's failure to postpone the elections despite the coronavirus pandemic was behind it.

The military maintains its actions are legally justified, and the announcement cited an article in the constitution that allows the military to take over in times of emergency, though Suu Kyi's party's spokesman and many outsiders have said it's effectively a coup.

Some experts expressed puzzlement that the military would move to upset the status quo — in which the generals continue to hold tremendous power despite progress toward democracy in recent years.

But some noted the looming retirement of Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing, who has been commander of the armed forces since 2011 and who was put in charge on Monday.

“There’s internal military politics around that, which is very opaque,” said Kim Jolliffe, a researcher on Myanmar civilian and military relations. “This might be reflecting those dynamics and might be somewhat of a coup internally and his way of maintaining power within the military.”

Prayer for Myanmar

  • The UN and USA or other countries might push at least the Myanmar military to reinstate to the ruling party (NLD).
  • Both ruling party (NLD) and military can have negotiation the situation to have cool clam.
  • All victims from relief camps can go home safely.
  • As the infection of Coronavirus rate is getting low according to report of Health Department for a couple of previous days, prayer for none-infectious in the country and vaccine for everyone.
  • Persecution of the Christians in a certain area will not rise and church gathering service can be allowed.
  • The people of Myanmar will remain in peace.
It's an awful situation that could get a lot worse. Prayers desperately needed. Prayer for you to bro. God bless xx
Please guys, please, pray for our lovely sweet brother and fellow TJer Tun Lin.

The poor guy's well stressed out about the situation in and around where he is, looking like it's slipping towards anarchy. Imagine living there. Click the link below to see a leaflet on it.

Then please get praying for him, his family and the orphanage he runs.

Thank you bro, thank you sis. God bless you

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