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Prayer request for me

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Loyal Member
The other day I walked out of a store, and there was a car parked right by the door as I glanced in the car I saw a women and she had her hands on the steering wheel with her buried in the wheel maybe sleeping maybe passed out, she was not moving.

Well I just kept walking to my truck and went home, thinking I should of at least knoocked on the window to ask if she was ok but I did nothing. Forgive me Lord

This is not loving my neighbor as myself !

I would ask for some prayers directed to me to learn to love my neighbor like my self much better.

Loyal Member
Glad to pray. But dont be too hard on yourself. If the Holy Spirit had prompted you to help and you didnt then that would be bad, but often when people are in grief, they dont want to be bothered. And if she was passed out drunk, she also probably woudnt appreciate being woken.

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