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Prayer request for grieving family

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New Member
Hi, i have some sad news and prayer request.

i was told this morning that my brother has passed away. and i wish to ask for prayers for our family that have to face the grief this causes to us.

its really hard for me to understand what has happened. i feel very sorry for not realising what my brother was going through so that he decided to commit a suicide.

i still hope God would bring him back but i pray everybody is able to deal with the sorrow.

i'm just so sorry for others though i miss him too but i hope everybody is ok.

God bless you
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New Member
[COLOR="Navy"]Painful memories, feelings of suffering or failure can forever be like a banging noise of someone's fist on your door and you wanna get some permanent silent sleep - more often than just once or twice. Sometimes "switching your life off" is a better option than allowing old age or some accidental death from unpredictable circumstances where time is the controller of all human action. With the patience of Jesus, our time will come when we all be together in peace, and in perfect health and youth in God's most massive and most modern community city: the Kingdom Of God, also known as the Holy City or New Jerusalem, where I believe there are incredible advances to keep us entertained, such as Christian song and music that can be listened through your miniature Ipod -just guessing really, when you think about our experiences with modern technology to receive the pleasure of social entertainment about people through television, radio, internet and telephone. May Jesus forgive and understand your brother's sudden exit from this sin-driven world to our Lord's safe and sin-free heaven - as well as every other person who wanted out as well.:*:. [/COLOR]
New Member
May the God of peace help you and your family cope during this very difficult time. I'm so sorry to hear this man...

[COLOR="darkred"]Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. - Matthew 5:4[/COLOR]
Active Member
I am grieved by your loss my friend.
I pray peace for your family.
I ask the Father on your behalf for his strength working in your heart and mind and for revelation containing answers.That the peace that passes understanding would rule your heart and mind.In Jesus I ask.

Jari I know you have been seeking to know God and knocking on the door to his kingdom.I have every reason from scripture to believe your brother is sanctified in you and I ask you to picture him perfected in Christ as I am right now.I will also be reminded your brother is in Christ every time I see your name.So I agree with you Jari He is alive.
New Member
LORD, please lift Jari and his family up at this time. Give them peace, comfort, and spiritual healing over the tragic loss of their family member. In Jesus' name I pray.
Active Member
Blessing and peace to you Brother Jari!! First know this!! It was never your fault for this!! When a real bad storm is coming, and you see it,you warn those you care about,who about to have this storm cross there path. We cannot help them, if we are not with them.

There was a person in my life,who I got mad at,and did not wish to speak to again,after I became saved,I decided to once again talk to him. It was to late he died.As bad as I felt, for not talking to him,I went into prayer for some comfort. After a few hours I received this,May this, I received help in, also help you in your sorrow as well!

"My peace can become lost,it becomes lost, from others,from places,as well as things that may happen to us. Growing in my grace is also very hard, for many of my people. It is something all have to work on,even as they work on all things that pertain to life and Godliness.( 2 Peter 3:14-18!!)"

What we are most glad for is you brother Jari! You have shown much strength, even when some have disagreed with you,love, when others may have shown anger,and patience when many have become rattled.

It is true, you also have weakness,just like the rest of us. But we are thankful for you! And my personal prayers will come before the throne of God on your behalf! Let not your heart be troubled!( john 14:1,verse 27) We stand with you brother,you are not alone! Father, In the name of Jesus we lift up our brother Jari! We humbly ask, you not only give him your peace,but show him your peace as well. The enemy would steal all we have,but you Lord have come to restore that which was lost!( Matt 18:11) I am believing with you, Jesus came to save your brother,before he became lost! Blessing to you my brother in Christ!Remember!!! Luke 1:37!!! NOTHING!!!! will be impossible with GOD!! amen! nothing!!
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New Member
Very sorry to hear of your loss

Hang in there, brother. I know just where you are at. I have never lost a family member in such a way but I did have this happen with somebody very very close to me. Death is much harder on those that are left behind. In cases like this, you always ask yourself... why didn't I see this coming or maybe there was something I could have or should have done. Brother, there is a very very long list of what if's and maybe's that you might be tempted to go through. Don't go there. Mourn his loss and keep good memories of him in your heart. Those memories you will always have. I beat myself up for many years over how I should have done this or I should have said that. In the end, it will only cause you more pain and grief.
It is a hard thing to do, but cast your cares upon the Lord. He is always there to hold you when you cry and share your joys when you are happy. I don't know what relationship your brother had with the Lord and to be honest, you probably don't either. That is another trap to fall into. People will say some pretty stupid and hurtful things to you not meaning to be harmful but out of ignorance. Hold fast to Jesus, brother and you will get through this.
Lord, please be with our brother Jari in this, his time of need. He has lost his brother, Lord and doesn't understand all the why's. Heal his heart and make the pain of his loss not hurt so much. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
New Member
i have a piece of paper i write down things to pray about. your name and family have been written down on it. praying every day until i feel a release not to.
Jari, I join you and your family in mourning your brother's passing. I pray that you will not heap guilt on your shoulders. Many depressed people succeed (unfortunately) in hiding the problem from family and friends because of pride with disastrous results.

You're in my prayers.

New Member
I don't understand why God warned me that he wasnt doing well. but I didn't know it was this bad.
we all knew of his depression but no one believed he was so down.
And God wanted me to help him.

I don't understand why the warnings, if I failed to act
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