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Prayer Request for a needy Family

I need your help and anyone elses to Pray for my boyfriends family. My boyfriends mother is my main prayer need. Her name is Donna Poplawski. She has recently lost her 50-year-old brother to suicide, her uncle to cancer, and her fiancee has left her for an unfair and cold reason. To make matters worse for her, she lost hew job a few weeks ago and still has not managed to find one. She's a single mother with two children and she has $600 roughly, a week to pay in bills, she signed for unemployment but they are only giving her $150 a week so about $700 a month. She can't live on that and feed her family to make matters worse shes diabetic and can't afford her insulin with that money, Please pray for this family. Donna, Paul and Rob. They need God's help badly and the holy spirit has come to me with an urge to pray and ask others to pray.
Thank you so much for your help
Love in Christ
Becky Sharpe :cat:
Heavenly Father, you know Donna by name, and exactly what she needs to sustain her, both body and soul, draw near to her, and intervene in her situation by the power of your Holy Spirit we pray.
God bless you Becky

Lord I lift up Donna into your tender loving hands. Lord I pray that you release your provision for her. I thank you Lord that your store houses are full and that you know the need of this child which is your creation. Lord release your compassion and mercy upon her. Heal the pain that is in her, I pray for a hedge of protection over her. Let not the enemy come to rob and steal from this child no more, in Jesus mighty name.


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