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Prayer please prayer

Please pray for me. Heres what happen:
As a teenage as i am i leave my pants on the floor . Well when i came back from church last night i went in to my room to change into my night cloths . Then i when to brush my teeth then i when into my room i tripped on some cloths & then i landed in my belt which has a hook on it & my right foot landed on that hook & got into my right foot. & it hurts bad kinda.
But just pray that i don't get any bad things in there like getting infuted or something like that.
If you flushed it out with water,and its not in need of stitches.
maybe put some antibiotic cream on it and a bandaid.If you see it starting to get redness around it then it might be getting an infection,otherwise I think you will be ok
Heavenly Father I bring before You "God's Girl". Father, You see she had this accident. You see her toe. Father God, touch that toe, in Jesus Name. Heal any pain, or anything that may be wrong with that toe, in Jesus Name.
I pray and ask You Father for You to place Angels round about her, My God, and place a hedge of protection around her.
Father God, I ask You to bless this little one who calls upon Your Name. Raise this one up to glorify You and to be a worker in Your Kingdom. Open up Your Word unto her in a more dynamic way, Father. Talk to her in the cool of the evening, and led her , as I ask You lead me too, into a deeper walk with You, Jesus.
In Jesus Name I pray and ask believing You've already done it,