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Prayer please not judgement

Just joined today and this is my first post. Not t sure if im doing this right so please bear with me...i'll try to keep this as short as i can. If u want to know more just ask.
I am asking for prayer for the restoration of the relationship with the man i love. I guess it all started back in 2002 when he first walked into my store. I was instantly attracted to him. I didnt ever think a man that handsome would ever want someone like me.im shy and im more likely to be the friend than the girlfriend. But i thought maybe even if i never had a shot at girlfriend maybe we could be friends. I was right and we became the best of friends. Wometumes he would come by my store later in the night before i closed and we would talk for hours even after i closed down. I was still attracted to him but affraid to say because i didnt want to lose his friendship.then in fall 2013 he told me that he wanted more than just friendship with me and had had feeling for me since 1 or 2 years after we met.
We started dating and we got along great for about 2 years.then i noticed he changed and didnt come around as much and seemed bussier than usual. I was affraid he was seei g someone else, but hoped that wasnt the case. A few months passed and he told me he had been seeing someone else. I was heartbroken. But we managed to stay friends, but not as clise as we had been.
I knew the woman he had left me for, i later found out that he didnt know her or anything about her when he started seeing her. She is the type that sleeps with anyone and cheets on all her boyfriends and tells them all shes being loyal.she cheated on him also.
I prayed that he would come back to me and after 9 months with that other woman he broke up with her and he and i have been getting closer and kind of seeing each other again. She really hurt him and his nerves and anxiety were really messed up at first. So he seems affraid to commit to a relationship again. I can understand his fear. He will get really close and share personal feeling and we'll do normal couple things like hang out together and kiss and then its like he gets affraid and will push me away.
I love him more than i thought it possible to love anyone. he has appoligised and asked for me to forgive him and i told him that i had already forgiven him(which is true). And i have prayed about it and i feel as thpugh God wants me to stay with him and i feel like hes the one God means for me to spend the rest of my life with. But its also as if almost every arrow in hell has been sent to try to break us apart. I am asking for prayers of protection from thise arrows shot towards us meant to break us apart and that he will stop drifting away on occassio and feelsafe enough to truat me with his heart and that God will restore our relationship and in its restoration make us even stronger and deeper in love than before. Thank u for listening and i am sorry this post is so long.
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Welcome to Talk Jesus @jpk2271
Also, praying that God's will be done in your relationship with this man.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.