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Prayer over my flesh that wants to rebell

I’m humbly seeking prayer for my heart and mind brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been in a constant battle and even though I seem to be coming out of it slowly. The enemy and my own mind and flesh are constantly attempting to tempt me to go against my Heavenly Father and Savior, and sometimes I even feel that it’s my own conscious thoughts that are rebelling against God or Jesus which leaves me concerned if it’s in my heart and because God looks at my heart over my mind it worries me does God think this of me or see these rebellious intentions that I do not want at all. I pray earnestly against them and due to my mental condition and the fact that I’ve been truly away from God it makes it such a struggle for me some days especially when I’m waking up or trying to fall asleep but even times I’m feeling good and know Gods presence is around me it happens. My take on this is that the devil knows his time his short so he’s pulling out all the stops and even trying to turn Gods own against him.

Thanks for any prayers that are offered and I know all too well the Evidence in the Power of Prayer!! In Jesus name Amen!!

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