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Prayer of Salvation

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I put my faith in Jesus after reading a book called There's A New World Coming by Hal Lindsey around 2005 and was baptized at a Bible Chapel. I cant remember what I prayed to recieve Jesus and think that there was the prayer to recieve Jesus at the end of the book. I have experienced powerful transformation in my life and Gods power and love. I still get this knawing anxiety what if I didnt pray a proper prayer to recieve Jesus. So I wanted to be doubly sure so today I prayed to recieve Jesus as my Saviour again. My faith and salvation just mean everything to me. I just want to stop worrying about what I originally prayed. But inside I know that I had already recieved Jesus and have experienced God's working power. Now Im worried if I have offended God by doubting. I struggle with some issues because I have borderline disorder. Does God get upset if a person prays to recieve Him as Saviour twice in their life?
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Hello @Wittywriter:)
All you're experiencing is what many of us have, and some who in a certain way aren't quite sure that God really means what He says as we find in the Word of God. As well as what the Adversary will always attempt to use in order to put a chink into the Armor (Ephesians 6) of believers, and that is "Doubt". That is where our faith comes in. Trusting that God says what He means and means what He says. We are His and He is ours! When you were convicted on that awesome day, when you stepped forward and came to know the truth of Jesus Christ as your Savior in dying and rising again for you. God has started a good work in you!

Understand that I'm not saying that disorders don't exist, but the Adversary knowing that this is a focus in the life you live for Christ. Will, as I said before, use whatever you allow to be available to him to use, in such a way that does not uplift, but brings you down. He does want you to be in this state of mind (doubt), so that then you are not only a deteriment to yourself, others, but also to the furthering of the Kingdom of God, by your witness and testimony.

Don't let him, for Jesus has overcome the world. You are victorious in Him!

I will pray for you in the circumstances you find yourself, for relief, guidance, peace and most especially His cover over all of your life.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.
No, I don't think He gets upset with us for praying that more than once ... Just know if you prayed that prayer in faith the first time, he heard you. I think I was saved as a very young child by asking "Jesus to come into my heart.". Later as a teenager with a big problem I recall the Lord having me pray "I think I am saved but just in case .. I confess Jesus as Lord and believe God raised Him from the dead" (that is what Romans 10:9,10 says to do to be saved) ... And the Lord answered that teenage prayer mightily, though I didn't feel anything per se ... When I got up from kneeling at that couch, I was free. Beyond my wildest dreams at the time. Know that you are much loved in Him.

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