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prayer needed

I need to ask someone for a small prayer. I am a bit hesitant of posting this, but just somehow feel that I need to do it.

I just need some stability in my emotional life at the moment. I am SO AFRAID to go and sleep. I had these last two weeks a real terrible time and dreaded to go to sleep each nigt due to nightmares I am having.

It was still all OK as I was working and could focus my mind on something to take it all away. I have been on annual leave now since last week and I hate to take leave as it makes me think things that I fear to face.

These past three days I have slept about 6 hours in total and are immensly afraid to go and sleep, since I got nothing to keep me busy with except reading and doing Bible study.

I am totally over-tired and just need one solid nights peaceful sleep.

God has done great things in my life lately, things that I am willing to admit, no matter how crappy I might feel or how horrid the nightmares are. No matter how terrible life is at times and no matter how unloved, frightened and unforgivable I feel. No matter the guilt and fear that is driving me up the wall, the nightmares that causes sleepless nights ( I can carry on and on). No matter all of these things, God has not sent me on this journey alone. He gave me friends to help me through this. He gave me dreams of hope. He gave me a taste of life in dreams.

So yes, there is many days that I want to give up all hope and crawl back into my life before this journey started a few months ago, but He never sent me in alone. So the least I can do is to make use of the help He has given me to help me on this road of healing. So yes there are many times that I want to take the tabs and don't want to wake up, but then all of a sudden a friend appears to help carry me through it all. If a friend is not near or available, He would send one of my kids to give me a huge hug out of the blue. So yes I know I am not on this journey unequipped or alone. Well I just lack the faith to trust and to believe and to share with people. Most of the times they silently helps me without even knowing. Sometimes its just the few seconds they took and to say hello. Sometimes those actions has stopped stupid things of happening.

So no matter what my feelings and thoughts are at times, somehow God sends someone at that time to "help" me. I am aware that God did not give us a spirit of fear and that satan is attacking me to give up all hope, but he will lose.

Just need some prayer assistance as I am too spiritually weak to do this journey on my own.
Comfort at Night

:rose: Hi Eagle: I have so much empathy for you, because I too have horrible nightmares at night. I wake up and feel like I have had no rest at all. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I am jarred awake by these bad dreams. My prayers are with you. Love Pixie:rose:
Father we lift Eagle to your loveing arms.. we pray that nothing will overtake him . no thought , no fear , no evil.. we pray that all things are sifted through your hands and heart . We pray for wisdom and understanding of what you wish to accompish by allowing the former dreams to happen .. Lord we ask for heavenly host to guard Eagle this night and allow good sleep that refreshes . And Lord we ask for your infinite mercy that knows no bounds mercy that would see your will done quickly and as we view it , if it pleases you to do so .. Thank you Jesus for the support of this site and all the members who daily lift eachother in prayer .. Bless us with your presence Lord .. In Jesus Name ,,, Amen .. hugs to you Eagle !
hi,don't worry sister,just feel his presence.Remember he is everywhere and when you can't sleep at night just hold your bible and you will have peace of mind.
THE LORD SAYS:"now,let's settle the matter.You are stained red with sin,but I will wash you clean as snow" ISAIAH 1:18
Thanks for all the prayers being said.

I eventually managed to sleep after 7 days. Things are going more stable now.

Thanks once again.
When we are feeling like things are out of control in our mind we must turn to Scripture, memorize it and use it to fight the battle we are in. He is our resource, our strenght, lean on Him.
God bless you.
Staff Member
Eagle said:
Thanks for all the prayers being said.

I eventually managed to sleep after 7 days. Things are going more stable now.

Thanks once again.

Amen to that sister :) GOD is undeniably amazing! I'm terribly sorry I'm late on this request but I will keep you in my prayers that you heal fully until you sleep like a baby. I could use a baby's sleep myself

God bless you and glad to hear the good news

God, continue to provide rest to Eagle. Bring your Spirit to speak peace to her, and keep away fear. Let Your name be on her mind each night. Let the sound of Your name, Jesus Christ, carry her into sleep every night to restore her body and mind. Give Your child the feeling of safety and security in You. Thank You Father, through Christ, Amen.
Thanks everyone for the continued prayers.

I am doing good at the moment. Been sleeping now a solid 6/7 hours each night. I took all the things that bugged me to the cross and just believed that I will gain peace.

Our God is always faithful and He has granted me rest from everything.

During the most difficult times I have learnt not to lose faith, even though it was very hard to keep going, but with the support and prayers of people around made it all possible.

Each battle just makes each and everyone of us stronger for the next one.
Hope this helps.

Nightmares are often related to drugs and medications. I sleep well 99% of the time but ocassionally I will find myself figgity and then when I go to sleep I will have incredibly, horrific dreams , and almost always of a otherwordly order... in other words ... yah can't die 15 times in real life or in this world in one night LOL. I have pollen, mold, and dust allergies, and eventually the medicine builds up and overwelms my system. I quit for a few days and goes away. Also when I was crushed by a wall 20 years ago anything with codeine ,(spelling)?, or any narcotic in it ..does the same thing to me after only one or two days..even though I always take less than prescribed.

So if you are taking perscriptions.. particularly for anxiety or depression....the nightmares probably come along for free. Medically they explain that the body is literally confused as to what is sleep and what is awake.... sleep walking or even worse is also often associated. As a Christian Counselor it is my duty to tell yah the physical side of things as well as the Spiritual.

Another thing often associated with fitful sleep and so dreams,(nightmares)... is some problem with not getting enough O2,... a gas leak, or a furnace Carbon Dioxide problem, and/or even an allergic reaction to household items in the air. All of these are pretty much associated with not enough O2 getting to the brain.

From the spiritual side I have to say falling asleep clutching your Bible after reading it was an excellent suggestion whether you are having nightmares or sleeping soundly LOL. Let me also suggest that you make sure you Pray the Lord's Prayer... when you pray through the words thinking about them the reason for suggesting it be read just before you go to sleep is obvious. Everything starts and ends with the Word of God. Also remember that the prayers of your friends here including your own do not go unheard or unnoticed,(JAMES 5:15 AND THE PRAYER OFFERED IN FAITH WILL MAKE THE SICK PERSON WELL; THE LORD WILL RAISE HIM UP), JAMES 5:16 THE PRAYER OF THE RIGHTEOUS MAN IS POWERFUL And EFFECTIVE , so we will keep praying for yah and I'm sure many others will that have posted and many that haven't posted, and I trust you will pray for all of us , too.

As a final note , One thing really stuck out in your request for prayer... You seem to associated the nightmares with recently being saved... I usually find the opposite to be true... when you draw closer to God the devil flees... somebody give me the bible verse???...(JAMES 4: 7-8 Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil , and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you So that's why I mentioned the other possible problems... in no way do I mean to minimize your situation... my heart aches for anyone going through this type of situation...and "Remember you are a creature Created by God and you are worthy of His Love and Protection as a SavedOne"
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