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Prayer needed for me

Hey Everyone,
I really need the prayers of my cyber family. For several weeks I have been under intense stress in multiple areas of my life. It's like satan took a stick & stirred everything up.

Emotionally, I'm weakening....mentally, I'm shot most of the time....physically, I'm feeling the effects....& spiritually I know I will grow. It just feels so heavy right now.

I took a notebook & listed the issues I wanted to concentrate on in prayer. I then went to my Bible & wrote down scriptures I found as I was reading that applied to each situation. It's just so hard right now to pray.

I know you guys will pray....I will elaborate more in the future - when I'm giving praise reports!!

Thanks so very much.
Sapphire . All of us have been under great pressure lately . I will pray for you for sure . You say you made a prayer list about all the things you want to ask the Lords help in . That is a great idea ! Now I want you to do something for me if you want . I want you to make another list about all the things Jesus has done in you're life also ! Please do this for me , because the bible tells us to overcome the devil with the blood of the Lamb , and the word of our Testimony ! I will pray with , and for you about everything that is still in the battle . But I also want to rejoice with you for all that our Great Champion , Jesus Christ has done for you also ! By doing this , you will renew you're strenght , and mount up on wings as eagles ! When you get done telling the devil all that Jesus has done in you're behalf ! I guarantee that when you get done dancing and praising God for his great mercy in you're life , you will look around and the devil will be nowhere in sight !

Sapphire , I take this very serious , and want to help you any way I can . If you want , you can P.M. me and I will arrange a way for you to get personal counsel with one of our mighty prayer warriors . God will make a way for you ! Lets remind satan that if he could not keep you from getting saved , then he will not win this time either ! Love Brother Mike :love: :boy_hug:
Brotherinarms, Your response was SO led by God. I have tears in my eyes reading it - knowing that He is reassurring me thru your words.

I will make the list you spoke of...right now. No time to waste in dealing with the enemy. Your reference to Isaiah 40:31 so touched my heart...it is my favorite scripture. And when you spoke of dancing & praising God....that is exactly what I do. I praise Him in dance. How could you know?? Because God cares enough about me to speak thru your words.

This has meant so much to me. Sometimes when things become so heavy, I feel that I am personally responsible for so many things going wrong. It's easy to think that when they keep piling on. I will pray about your offer of my pm'ing you & getting connected with one of your prayer warriors...I may do that.

Again, thank you for your obedience to Him. God is so good.
God, You are amazing! You are Powerful and we are not, we are but leaves blown in the wind, so easily scattered, so easily shaken, so easily broken. God you are our Father, and I pray tonight that you might wrap Saphire in your arms, Remind her of your presence, and the Joy we find in it! Psalm 16:11 says that in your presence there is FULLNESS of Joy! Reveal yourself to Saphire! Matthew 5:4 says "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted." Right now we mourn, but the day of eternal comfort will soon come when we get to stand at your side forever! It is in your name we pray, Amen