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prayer journal?

i keep hearing people talk about "prayer journals"..
what is it? what is the reason for keeping one? has it helped you in any way?
these may be dumb questions.. but i want to know.. :confused:
The reason for a prayer journal TheDrew is because you can write down what you rite to God and then you reflect back on that in the fute and see if God hadss helped you or answered you plrayers in any way I keep one too So pm me if u waant a hand how to start it up Amen
I also keep one. It is just a wonderful way for a slightly forgetful person such as myself to remember what I have said I would pray for and specific prayer requests. I think many must do them differently, maybe writing their prayers out, but I just list the prayer topic and the date. I also note when prayer has been answered and I think it is a great way to reflect on how God has answered or answered through not answering! :)
I have a little prayer journal also. It was sent to me from my mailbox club but it's so cool. Sundays you pray for services, mondays-missionaries, tuesday-tasks and trials, wednesdays-world, thursdays-thanks you, friday-family, friends and foes, and saturday- salvation. I sometimes follow it, but i just pray for everything everyday. but it's still cute.
i don't have a prayer "journal". i used to have a diary, but i hate writing things down because i remember everything so i keep it locked in my brain.

BUT i'd totally reccomend a prayer diary/journal for future reference.
oh cool never heard of those. I've got a notebook that i write everything down in. When i read my bible i write scriptures i feel stick on me or God speaks to me about in it no matter how long it is. I write everything God does in my life in it and i do write prayers too sometimes. Hey, whatever helps you ya know. I recently looked back on what i've written in there over hte past year and like relearned stuff i had forgot. i had to get a new one recently cuz i had filled that one up lol. cool beans. :D