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Prayer in preperation for court on August 8th

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Holly Hobbie, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Please pray for me as I face my abusive husband in court on August 8th . I really need to contact my lawyer and have been trying all week and even most last week about something crucial to my case. I am trying to understand why it feels like everytime I try to call her .....well it's as though God is closing his ears to my prayers about this situation I am sure he is not though.
    I need prayer for strength , wisdom and peace of mind It's easy to panic and frett and forget about God and I don't want to do either but I am hurting and scared right now
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  2. @Holly Hobbie

    Keep on praying Sister, but be careful what you pray for and how you pray. This is not for the man's sake but for your own and your continuing relationship with God. Whatever you do pray, always add sincerely from your heart what Jesus added when He was facing torture and crucifixion:

    "...nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." Matt 26:39

    I am praying for you as well.
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  3. Father God I pray unto you to strengthen,Holly,through not only her court case but also comfort her through the time thereafter,for though her husband does foolishly it hurts her I'm sure to lose him for when married they became as one,so this is painful,on both,and I pray for her husband as well God for I do not desire that any of your children go astray no matter how deep in sin they are,so please God intervene in this man's life so that he can see what foolishness he has done,before he dies in his sin for I ,like you lord do not delight in anyone's death especially if that soul be on the path to hell,in Jesus's holy name I humbly pray,AMEN.
  4. Dear God be with our sister Holly Hobbie and your daughter as she faces this court battle LORD.

    We know LORD that you are a mighty fortress and a shelter for those in times of trouble. I can testify LORD when I faced my ex-wife in court on two occasions and you can out victories. Yes LORD, you did it for me and I know you can do it for her.
    Please give her that inner peace that you give me LORD and if there is any sin in her life that is standing in the way of you hearing her prayers please remove it. Or if there is any relationship that needs reconciliation or anyone who you desire her to forgive so that you can hear her prayers LORD please make her away of that individual . Yes LORD please be with your daughter and allow her to be delivered and remind her to give you all the glory, honor, and praise after her deliverance as she testify, surely the LORD is good and surely nothing is too hard for Him.
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  5. Praying for you tomorrow
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  6. Thank you for your prayers......My lawyer never retuned mine or the court advocates calls and did not show up in court for me nerve racking as it was to have to defend myself God came through in an unexpected way, All I am going to say is please be in prayer for my husband as the judge is taking a few days to decide what to do with my husbands violation of a court order I had against him.

    Please pray for my husband,pray that I can stand in continued forgiveness towards him even though I had to threaten to do whatever it takes to keep my husband from trying to take my autistic teenage daughter out of the group home she is blossoming in and raise her himself.
    I have had to come to terms with the fact that neither of us are stable enough to raise her by herself. Needless to say my husband is furious with me but thats okay.
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  7. well this is where I disagree with your group home decision because my aunt and uncle take care of at least 2 autistic children and they are doing great with them despite that my aunt and uncle are elderly,so I believe that no child is beyond being raised lovingly more so by "family" and in a "loving" and "God fearing" house hold,so while I understand your anxiety I don't agree with such decisions and can understand why your husband is so distraught about this,because he has "not given up hope",understandably in my view because"with God all things are possible",I'll be praying for this child to be in God's hand so the child can be raised "by God" no matter who has "guardianship/custody"'of the child,thank you for shedding more light on what the child is going through!
  8. Well done. I can imagine standing in court without a lawyer a very intimidating experience. Will pray for good decisions, forgiveness and the God's grace for you and you husband to move on and the chance for your daughter to thrive.

    @Joefizz, your experience is not necessarily a good guide to other people's circumstances.
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  9. Thanks for sharing the update. God is good. Keeping your situation in prayer.
  10. Thats okay you don't have to agree especially not knowing the whole story of why both of my kids wound up there. It is quite painful for me to fully share why my daughter especially, is in a group home. My son was quite violent and I have some mild hearing loss and another condition caused by trauma to my head from him so he had to go in a home where there was more than my husband and I to care for him. My daughter is actually exceling in the group home she is in and doing well. My husband can not care for her alone until he at least can prove to me he has his life staightened out and can handle being married (though I have biblical and legal grounds to divorce him) and raising at least my daughter she is safer where she is at right now.
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  11. Thanks all who our praying
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  12. Grace and Peace to all involved
  13. praying for all you have requested

    God Bless you dear sister
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