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prayer group

Just wrote a poem about some things going on in my life with the prayer group and what God has been doing. if u want more, check out my journal. blessings. i love you all.

Life is tough. We want to give up, but somehow we’re just hanging in there.
We question a lot; we’re searching for answers, but for some reason can’t find any here.
We’re seeking God, we need the truth, but somehow here comes deception.
When we finally find it, and we believe it, others have a different perception.
They are against us. They try to bring us down, but God gives us strength by the day.
We start to pray. We start getting closer and start praising God everyday.
Rumors start running. People think we are crazy, but we’re just experiencing the love.
We are happy for once, we’re filled with joy. All we did was ask from above.
When we have a small question, we bring it before God and an answer He always gives.
We have no strength; our flesh is dying, so we put our hope in the one that always lives.
Our faith is renewed; he always gives answers all we need to do is ask.
We want to help God, we want to be used, and before we know it, we’ve accomplished a task.
Spiritual gifts are important, we need them to live, but they are very rare.
Some have them, some want them, but it’s all in the Father’s care.
We’re young, we have gifts, God started uses us for His work.
But satan comes, glowing with hate, and starts poking around with his fork.
“They are young, it aint real, it’s all deception” and they start to have doubt.
They haven’t experienced God, nor the love, they don’t know what it’s all about.
God uses us, God teaches us, no matter what they say.
He gives us strength and energy to get through everyday.
Satan gives doubt and tries to bring us down.
But no matter what, God turns all bad situations upside down.
Just have faith in Him, He’s always there,
No matter what, praise Him everywhere.

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