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We recently lost a baby boy who was only 2 and half years due to an accident. My wife is currently hospitalised she had pelvis fracture she needs the hand of God to heal her physically and psychologically. Please remember to pray for her healing

Thank you
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Dear LORD, I just ask that You embrace this heartbroken mom and dad and soothe their distress as only You can.

May Your healing hand be upon the mom for complete healing of her injuries, and be upon them both in the loss of their precious boy. Our hearts break for this loss.

We pray for all the blessings You have for courage, strength, wisdom, and perseverance in the faith. We ask that You bring family and friends to the side of this couple to encourage them and help them grieve.

We ask in Jesus' name, amen.
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Dear LORD, We thank You for the privilege of lifting this couple up to Your throne room in prayer, that You might comfort them with the peace that passes understanding as only You can do. Praying that their grieving is softened by knowing that You have their child in Your presence now and for all of eternity, and they shall see him again at the sound of the last trumpet, when You call us all home to be with You where You are in Your dwelling place forever.

Keep their marriage strong through this fiery trial, and keep Your healing hand on this mom who not only has a broken heart, but a broken pelvis. Heal her body, and soothe her soul O LORD.

These requests we pray, and for any other relief and blessing You have in store for this grieving couple. In Jesus' name, amen.
I am praying for your wife and for the loss you two have endured. May you both know the Lord's comfort at this time and may he aid you in this season of your life.
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Dear Father, please let us remember to keep this precious couple close to our hearts in prayer, praying without ceasing for their comfort in You for their tremendous loss of a child, and also for adequate healing of this wife's pelvic fracture. We pray in the unmatched name of Jesus, our LORD and SAVIOR forever, and ever, amen.
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Thank you for your prayers we are seeing the hand of God in our lives my wife is now better and psychologically God is healing. My the Lord bless you, again thank you
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To God be the glory in your lives both now and forevermore. Holding you up in prayer as you move through the grieving process, praying your love for the Father and for each other will lift you high above your circumstances.
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Remembering this precious couple in prayer, LORD, lifting them up to Your throne of grace for continued help from Your Holy Spirit for the healing of their hearts in their most tragic loss of their toddler boy. Asking for Your supernatural comfort to be their constant companion throughout. In the mighty name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, amen.
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Continuing to remember and prayer for this couple. May the Lord pull both of them into His arms, surrounding them with a peace, love, and comfort that can only be found there.
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Holy Father, we come before Your throne, not because of our own righteousness but with the righteousness that has been imparted to us through Christ Jesus. With His righteousness we can boldly ask for Your grace and guidance in this matter. Thank You for Your love, mercy and compassion that we do not deserve.
We Praise You for the healing that has already begun in this family. Please continue laying Your healing hand upon them. Please heal them physically, spiritually and emotionally according to Your will so that You may be glorified. We thank You for this opportunity to show us Your love and care for those who are called Your children. Even though we do not know the reason behind our trials we are confident You give us only what we need so we may glorify You. Thank You for hearing our prayers and I ask these things in the name of Your Son Jesus, Amen
Dear Abirewo,
I am sorry to hear about the loss or your beloved boy child and I am praying for you and your wife and may the Lord Jesus Christ give you strength and comfort in this time of mourning.
I love you.
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Continuing to prayer for you and your family. May the Lord bring a peace and a comfort to all of your lives. May His spirit take away every hurt, and may the Lord walk with each of you every step of every day.
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Continuing in prayer for you and your precious wife Abirewo!

I know the LORD will sustain you, and I pray that the grieving process is made a bit easier by your strong faith that He makes all things right in His perfect timing.

I have buried 1 natural son and 1 step-son (out of 5 total sons). It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But God was faithful to get me through the most horrible trauma I've ever experienced. Rest in His loving care and leave the outcome to Him, as He will make it all work together for good as only He can do.

Big hug.
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