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Prayer For My Son's Trip

Sunday, Jan 1, 06 5 p.m.

My 18 year old, son, Bryce has been trying to come and see me, his 13 year old sister, his step-dad, and his new baby brother---for 6 months now. Every time he starts his trip something happens. The first time, his car motor blew up. The second time, his dad, "attempted suicide", and needed Bryce to stay there. We found out later it wasn't a real suicide attempt. It was staged.

Now, Bryce, asked for 1 week off- from Jan. 4 through Jan. 9 one week off from work and got it and I e-mailed him the plane tickets and he is excited about coming. He may even decide he likes it here and decide to come down here for work and college. He is 18 and this would be fully legal. (He was taken illegally and secretly to Pennsylvania when he was 13.)

But Bryce's dad tells him that as of today, the police are looking for him (Bryce) Bryce's dad said that while he was at work, the 3 policeman came to the door asking where his son was. And one of Bryce's friends said he heard them talking about Bryce over the police scanner. I think Bryce's dad called the police himself to get Bryce nervous so that he will not come here to Tennessee to visit Jim, me, his sister and brother. The last time, he attempted suicide and the police came and Bryce lost out on his trip to see us once more.

Please pray for Bryce. He is a very nice, intelligent, and industrious young man. He was saved when he was six but has gotten away from God, and says to me, "Mom, that part of me is dead." (the God-part) I told my son, "Well, God can ressurrect it!"

Please pray for my son, Bryce, that he can come and visit with us and see that we love him and love each other. Thank you for praying, I love all of you.

Glory to God, AMEN Fellowservant!

God, we ask you to draw Bryce to you by your Holy Spirit,
and make this young man a testimony of your power to seek and to save one that is lost in Jesus name!
I have prayed...

I have prayed all ready and I will again.

Holy Dad that is in paradise grant that thy Holy Spirit will pray for what you know is needed in this situation that has been mentioned above, through your most Holy Child, Jesus we ask and thank you AMEN.
God really did move in this situation, and my son had a really good week with us. He liked my husband (He had never met him.) They hit it off well. He enjoyed being with us.

My husband seems to think that Bryce will eventually move down here---he thinks this summer. If it is God's will, then let it be so!
Great prayer thread. Praise God for restoration, and tenderness for the hearts of his children. I'll be prayn with ya for the rest of it. God bless.
You guys (and gals) are the best!!!!! I can't ask for more than your prayers. Your prayers and encouragement---God uses you to hold me together. Thank you. I'm a mess, and God isn't!

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