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Prayer for my relationship

Hi all,
At the moment i am at a point in my life where i have to tell my ex-fiancee that unless she wants to work on our relationship and get Gods healing for it that i will have to let her go. The reason behind this is we broke up 6 months ago one month before our wedding, and i have been hanging around in limbo ever since. I miss her terribly and believe with all my heart that she is God's intended person for me. I dont want to do this but i think that unless i give it up to God that i could go insane. So i guess im asking that when i meet with her later this week that she might have made a decision as to what she wants to do with our relationship. Please pray for me in this brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you all for reading and thinking of me as i go through this.
God Bless
I will lift you up in my prayers.

Marriage is a big step and should be taken very serious. Better to take your time now and marry the right person, than being in a bad marriage with kids.

You did not mention wether or not she is saved. I hope so, an unequally yoked marriage is very differcult. If she is maybe some sessions with your pastor would help both of you.

Your sister in Christ,

Thank you so much alabaster! Yes she is a christian. We were also together for 5years before we were engaged. i think i should have mentioned that.

God Bless
Lord Jesus, Your will be done in them, on earth, as it already is evident in heaven itself, before Your throne of kind judgements and decisions. Give Appius peace and understanding in this matter, that he be joined together in Your kind will and judgement over his life, that he may accept the things to come that You want to do in his life, amen. Give him Joy peace and understanding in the face of adversity. Let the enemy be routed from them both that they may see clearly, with peace, just exactly whay they are to do and go forth with in this matter. Please send comfort and understanding in Your great will over them in these last days, for direction and promises realized, amen.

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