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Prayer for my mother in law

My Husband's mom really needs all the prayers that we can get. I'm praying every couple min. My Husbands mom ended up having a stoke, she has ammonia, UT. Her heart is beating 20%. She is in CCU in ICU they said they were going to go inside to take a sample and when they got done they said her blood pressure is low so their giving her med. For that. Will be weaning her off that soon. She has been running a fever since last week it's off and on. At the moment no fever and she is on a incubator/ventilator. That is breathing for her. The cardiology is looking at her heart and is giving her med. For her heart. I'm praying that The lord will get her through this. She is a tuff and stubborn strong woman.
Her Blood pressure is 117/62 oxygen is 18. o2 is 75. they have her on new sadations new pain meds and the tube is to drain fluid out of her ched 900 of the atrium is used out of 2000 so far. They said if they use all of there means here they might take her to kennestone hospital. They would probably do that because they have more Resources ect. She has Aspiration Pneumonia. & UTI. Yesterday 8/17/18 They put in a heart Catheter in her heart because it was only beating 20%.
Prayer for your mother-in-law: God please intervene and turn this around. Let her oxygen become normal and her pneumonia be healed. Please be with her family. Please strengthen her heart and help her to make a big turn so that even the doctors will be surprised. I put this in your hands and thank you that we can come to you anytime and make our requests known to you and that your peace comes through that. In Jesus' name
They moved My Mother In law to Kennestone Hospital it's still wellstar Healthcare system. They said They are more up to date with there technology. They have more cardiology Doctor's. They have more Resources. Her Brain Function & Organ Function is still good. The main thing They are worried about is her Heart&Lungs. They have another tube coming out of her chest to get more of the stuff out of her lungs. She made the transition good. Today they have to give her more blood because her Her hemoglobin is a little low so they are giving her some blood to get it back up. Yesterday they were able to give her a little less oxygen she was getting 100% the other day then 75% yesterday 70% so they said they don't want to get hopes up but if she gets better it will be baby steps. Thank you everyone for the prayers it means so much! Keep the prayers going. I will keep y'all updated.
Thank y'all so much for the prayers! She is doing so much better! She is still on the ventilator. They put down the oxygen intake to 40%. Yesterday it was 50%. Today they took the Tube out of her chest. The Iv pole that was on the right side of her bed is gone. They will change her sedative. Increase steroid. Her heart is now pumping well they said. they said her heart was probably pumping 20% because of the stress of the sickness. She is still asleep but Yesterday she started to open her eyes move/ scrunch up her eye brows,mouth she has been moving her neck. When she open her eyes she is blinking. Tomorrow they will be trying to wake her up. I'm praying everything goes well. Continue the prayers Thank Y'all so much!

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