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prayer for my mom.

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hello bro's and sis' in christ. well i never post much around here but i do pray for brothers and sisters here. my request is that people will pray for my mom.
my mom sick in diabetes (i dunno if this is the name in english i used a translator and i am not sure if this is the name of the disease). anyway,the doctor said to her few weeks ago that she is in danger and she need to take medicines,at first she had to take only small amount when she came to check doctor said that it dont help her much though it as a lil effect (that what she told me and i dunno if she told the truth or she didnt want me to worry much)
anyway now the amount she need to take is higher,i dunno if it would help her. look, from when i was child even before i knew who is god and much more before i heard about messiah (christus) i prayed and wished and everything that a cure will be find. not only for my mom but for every one who has diabetes but espcialy for my mom cuz she is my mom. well anyway i studied and heard that the science of this days might have the cure,yet why hospitals and doctors dont talk about it? its to make to a special virus (that not hit humans and he is not danger just a small creature not virus like disease ijust dunno the correct word) anyway in this thing u put a human gene and give this "virus" to the wo/man who suffer from diabetes and it should help him recover instead of medicines and inifnit blood tests). i dunno if they could do this but as much as i know they may have the ability. either way if its true or may be another way that god help would help my mom to recover. basicly this is blood lined disease aswell and her mother died from this and i might suffer from this aswell in future but i only care for my mom. so please brother and sisters pray for my mom...
good evening in christ.
Hi j4jh,

I will certainly pray for your mom. To remember I place her in to my prayer note book so I won't forget. Remember He is always there for you with His strength and unending love.

I am praying for you, and your mom. I also pray for others with diabetes and that a cure will be found.:love:
God bless,
your sis in Christ, Julie.:girl_hug:
J4jh I know your heart is sad for your mom and you want to see her well. Jesus knows the situation and hears your cry. I will pray for you and your mom and for the doctors.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

Your friend in Christ:love:
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Lord, according to Your awesome Word, by our faith we are healed! (Matthew 8:13, Matthew 9:22 & 29) Also according to Your Word, which is TRUTH, you are willing to heal! (Matthew 8:3)

Lord, I ask you to fill our brother j4jh with an amazing assurance that You are in control and that Your are willing and able to heal! When he prays, let him pray believing these wonderful truths about You, Father! I ask that You would touch His mother and heal her body of diabetes, in the might name of Jesus, for Your glory Lord! I know and BELIEVE that You are able! I praise You God that altho the medical world is full of "facts", You Word is full of TRUTH! Thank You Jesus! Lord, give our brother a sense of peace that surpasses understanding as Your Word speaks about as he rests in faith that You can handle this and all the difficulties of our lives! In Jesus' mighty name...AMEN!

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