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Prayer for my marriage and family please help

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New Member
Good morning everyone. I’m new here, my name is Patti and I googled online to look for a prayer forum in desperate need of help. My marriage is in really dark times right now. There is a lot of anger, hate, confusion and hurt in my marriage. My husband is getting attacked with the spirit of anger and misunderstanding, confusion and I’m getting attacked with spirits of anger as well and spirit of gossip. There is so much hateful and hurtful words being flung around my home. My husband is on the verge of leaving, and I want so badly to save our marraige. I want to learn how to walk with God. But sometimes I feel like God doesn’t love me or he’s given up on me based on things I’ve done in my past. If anyone could pray for us please, I know the power of prayer and I know the more prayers God hears is favorable. We need a breakthrough, we need a miracle. God help us.
Staff member
Welcome to Talk Jesus Patti.
Praying for you, your husband, and your marriage.
That you might be guided to where you might find peace and unity together in Christ Jesus.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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