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Prayer for my family

Hi. I'd like to request prayer for my family, my marriage and my husband.
My husband had an emotional affair 5 years ago and has not been the same since. He no longer attends church and he tells friends and family to "please don't pray for our marriage but pray for an easy divorce". I know the easy thing to do would be to ask him to leave because I have caught him contacting the woman he had the affair with several times. But, that would be the easy thing to do. We have a 5 year old little boy. I'm so hurt and overwhelmed I can't even think straight. Please pray for us.
I will pray for you and your husband. If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to contact me. I am a wife and mother though my husband has not had an affair as a mom and wife I can understand those roles May God BLess you!
I Will Pray For You And You're Family . God Loves You Very Much , But Please Do'nt Allow Youreselfe To Be Abused . Let Me Know Where You Want To Stand So I Know How To Pray . God Hates Divorce This Is True , However He Also Loves His Daughters And Desires That They Be Treated As Any Father Would Want His Daughter To Be Treated ! The Greatest Gift A Man Can Recieve From God Is A Godly Wife , And The Second Is Their Children . Brothersinarmst4g Is My Ministry , And It Is A Call To All Men To Take Their Place As Mighty Men Of God , And Protecters Of Their Families . God Bless You - Beautifull Daughter Of The Father . Big-brother
I will pray for you

Dear Sister, I know where you are coming from as my story is from both sides of the tracks. I had a problem with pornography since i was 11 yrs. old I was molested by a cousin. any way I never realized how bad what I was doing until she told me in Feb. of 04 she wanted out of our marriage. The problem was in july of 03 she became involved in an internet relationship which went on for more than a year. She told me she wanted out and is still pursuing this path. I am devastated as well as our 5 children she has moved out. the 1st affair fell apart but a second one started in Oct. any way my 1st suggestion is dont give up!!! 2nd get a copy od Dr. James Dobsens Tough Love it is a good book. It will help 3rd if you belong to a church seek your pastors help. and finally if you have a few close friends seek their help. Another sugggestion would be to get the internet out of your house or try and contact the other woman and let her know what she is getting herself into. Good luck Im Praying for you please pray for me too. God loves you and Trust him that he is working for your benifit as hehates divorce know that satan has a hold on your husband also and this stronghold needs to be broken.. Yours in Prayer Papabear15