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Prayer for my daughter...

My household has a need for prayer for my daughter, Bonnie. She hurt her back two days ago, and still has to be helped to get up at all. We fear the worst, and hope for the best in Jesus Christ, amen. Thank you. Even in your heart, I believe, that if you adjure the Holy One of Israel...He hears...your vote counts in heaven, as on earth, amen.
prayer for bonnie

Jesus Christ knows your problem before you even ask for it. God is our Jehovah Jirah our provider and our Jehovah Rapha our healer. Jesus is always there in times of need but all of us need a helping hand together to pray for your daughter Bonnie.
When you pray, pray insistingly deep in your heart so that the Lord Jesus knows that you really need this one, and also pray it with your daughter..Ok lets Pray.....

Heavenly Father creator of heaven and earth King of kings Lord of lords, our healer and provider. Lord we are very sorry for what we have done for the past few days that we sin against you and our shortcomings. But by your grace you had forgiven us for what we had done. Lord we are not worthy to be in your presence because we are sinners but by your grace and love, you accepted us. Lord we are gather here today in your presence and ask for the daughter of justjesus named bonnie that your healing hand touch her and lift her up to you for we know that there is nothing impossible to you coz You promised that if we will ask it with your name you will surely answer our prayer. ( Please put your hand on your daughters back symbolizes that the healing touch of Jesus and authority to cast out the illness that your daughter is suffering from.) In the name of our Lord Jesus spirit of illness get out of her back at once because you dont have the authority to let the child of the Lord Jesus Christ suffer. And pray also Lord for all the illness experiencing on her body should be cast away in the name of Our Lord Jesus. We thank you Lord for hearing us and we know that you had heal her. And also Lord we thank you for the family of justjesus that continouslly live in your name. This we ask of our Lord Jesus Christ AMEN..

Have faith justjesus your daughter is healed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Have a good day and dont worry anything coz remember the Lord already know what you need even before you ask=) GOD IS WITH US EMMANUEL :wink: