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Prayer for husband

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Hey brothers and sisters! I pray the Lord's provision, peace and protection over each of you tonight!

I wanted to come and ask for prayer for my husband. I don't know if you guys recall or not, but I asked for prayer for our son who seemed to have strep throat last month and he was healed...PRAISE GOD!

Well my husband actually stayed home from work today and asked me to take him to see the Dr.; two things that he's only done once before in the whole nine years we've been married. Turns out he has a bad case of strep throat. His temp was 103 degrees by the time we got to the doctor's office. If you feel so led, please lift him up in prayer to the Father for His healing touch. Our Lord and Savior is able and willing...thank You Jesus!!!

Thanks and God bless you guys!
Praise God for healing your son, and im sure he can do the same for your husband:star: Will be praying for all your family.

Just like to mention im being healed by God as we speak, its prayer and faith, obedience to him that really moves his hand. Praise his name he knows what our problem is...mine was cigarettes...but i did'nt know how much pain, if you have old injuries that smoking can increase, 100 fold.

But praise The lord he knows all our problems and he led me to quit... and my severe pain is cut in two. So now im in a state of peace, waiting for the full recovery process as i smoked a lot, lord willing. Hopefully ill be a new man by summer:shade: Praise his name he is the great healer of the sons of men. Thanks for the prayers of the saints here at TJ as well.... lol now i must post this in the praise report room...

God bless
Praise the Lord for healing your son!
I will be praying for your husband. May God bless him.

your sis in Christ, Julie.:girl_hug:
Thank you guys for your prayers! God bless you Fellowservant as you continue to see God's deliverance of smoking over you!!! That is an awesome and praiseworthy testimony! PRAISE THE LORD!!! That is also something my husband needs the victory over...cigarettes. I trust the Lord to do this for him as in his flesh, he is not able. But, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! Amen?! AMEN!
Hi Kindsafter,

I'll be praying for healing for you husband too and yes, praise God for the awesome healing and deliverance He has done in both your son and Fellowservant's lives. Amen, all things are possible! Look forward to a praise report soon.

God bless you and your family,
PRAISE GOD!!! Just wanted you guys to know that my husband is MUCH better! Thank you sooo much for joining me in prayer! God bless you guys!

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