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Prayer for Healing

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I am Christian by birth. And I would like to request prayers of healing for my mom. She suffers from a serious organ failure and she is sick every now and then, and with this pandemic, hospitals are very risky for her since she does not have enough strength in her body to fight another sickness. My mother is a very loving and kind person, who devoted her whole life to God and I don't believe she deserve such fate. Seeing her in so much pain everyday just breaks my heart so I come here looking for people who can pray for my mom to receive healing from the Lord, We desperately need the Lord's help. Please remember us in your prayer.
Dear Lord God, I just want to express my total appreciation that you're in total moment by moment control of literally - everything, and even better than that, you love me with a love that's got no limits. It's actually something I can't get my head around; I don't know why, I don't know how, I just know that I'm more dependent upon your love than I am the air I breathe.

And I know that the same goes for Vero's mum. She's in your care and no less dependent upon you than I am and so I beg, plead and urge you dear Lord God, please bring some comfort, respite and if it be your impeachable will, a miracle of healing Lord. Please show your power by blessing this precious family and turning this dreadful situation around.

In faith I want to thank you dear Lord for your answer and miracle.

I put my trust in you Lord Jesus. You do far more than what I could ever imagine. Lord, you are the miracle worker, for the sick, and all the lost souls, and in you all healing is done. I believe that there is no illness you cannot heal, and I know that you hate what this illness is doing. We are not promised a painless life here, but dear lord you can help us endure the pain. I pray for your miraculous healing for this mother in Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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