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Prayer for healing

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If everyone can say a prayer for my friend, Jovette's mom, she has skeletal metastatic disease. The doctors will have to find where it came from.
HI Jwoods just prayed for her, I also suggest that you lay hands on her and pray over with the authority that Jesus has given his children. God bless and keep us posted
Thanks for sharing, friend. Please know that I’m standing with you in prayer for Jovette’s mom, asking the Lord to touch her with His healing hands and surround her with His strength and peace. We serve a compassionate, loving God who knows and cares about every detail of our lives. May He prove Himself her healer and sustainer in many tangible ways. Blessings to you!
Dear Lord God/Jesus, you know what's best for Jovette's mom, we humans don't. You know my agony but I will gladly suffer whatever you permit, to be healed of the death that awaits me that I may fellowship with You in the kingdom after You have wiped the physical tears from my physical eyes. Like Job said though worms eat my body yet will I see you in my flesh. I know, Redeemer, that You live and on this earth you will stand, again. The Spirit/spirit and the bride say come.
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