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prayer for guidance

My life has too many open ended problems. I need some wisdom from Jesus to shut some doors and show me the right door. Matthew 28 I will be with you always. I know he's walking with, but I'm feeling frantic.
clairevillemoon, I think you did the first step to overcoming the feelings you are having. You identified it & basically identified it's source.

God isn't the author of confusion & feeling frantic brings on spiritual confusion & well as confusion in the natural realm. satan sees your committment & knows you are standing firm. He is trying to stimulate turmoil in your life.

I was sitting home the other nite & felt a similiar feeling. It started all of a sudden & just seemed to swirl about me. It's very easy to get caught up in it. I knew what was happening, but the longer I waited to take action against it, the worse it became. I finally prayed out loud - telling God I didn't know what to say exactly but I needed to call upon His Name right then.

Once I got those words out of my mouth, I was able to begin to praise Him. The feeling left. satan cannot stay where praises are lifted to the Father.

I am a strong believer in keeping praises going up - whether in praise music or simply giving thanks to God for anything that comes to mind, whenever it comes to mind. It helps strenthen your faith & faith strengthened is a strong shield against the enemy.

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