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Prayer for fire evacuees in Fort McMurray

Last night at 6:30 a mandatory evacuation was issued for over 60,000 people in Fort McMurray due to an out of control wild fire. The entire town is being evacuated.
Some people were temporarily trapped in their subdivisions by fire (as far as I know, those ones all got out safe).
People's homes are burning, and fire has made its way downtown already and was mere blocks from the hospital and fire department this morning (they are likely gone by now). The fire is even rolling across the road in some places as people are trying to get out in what is almost gridlock conditions on the only 2 highways entering that town.

We have not had any rain for almost 2 months due to drought like conditions, and the spruce and poplar forests are so dry that the firefighters and water bombers are barely even slowing the flames. The record breaking heat the last 3 weeks is not helping (25-30C - normal temps are 12-16C). The strong winds are driving the fire so fast that it is nearly impossible to contain it.

I am praying, but to be honest, we need backup in the prayer department. Prayer for them to get out safely, prayer for their shattered hearts, prayer for rain, prayer for all of the firefighters and support volunteers, etc.

Volunteer efforts are scrambling to assist, as the wind change that sent the fire into the town was completely unexpected (the kids were even in school when the evacuation notice was issued).

I just got notice that a small evacuee center is being put up in our small town (able to support about 150-200 people) and I will be dropping off some supplies and baking to help out at lunch.
Praying... I can relate, we've certainly had our share of fires here the last few years.
There are many videos on facebook of people driving on a highway with fire on both sides in the trees beside the road.

Evacuation centres have counted over 80,000 safe (they ended up evacuating the entire area).

Only one fatality listed, and it was due to a car crash while on the highway. The car crash also started a small forest fire which was quickly put out.
Many gas stations within 300-400km of Fort McMurray are out of gas as 50,000 cars have been driving for over 24 hours (small rural towns may be scattered over 50 km away from each other). Gas tankers are coming as quickly as they can. Our town usually handles our own 3000 population and about 500 drive throughs a day - we were not prepared for over 8000+ passing through, and we were a secondary route to be used if they missed the main turn off.
I did check and the local volunteer center here has all they need to help the evacuees that are passing through - many stores and businesses stepped up and donated all sorts of supplies. There are many heartwarming stories of people who filled up a tidy tank and gas cans in the back of their vehicle and drove north to find those who ran out of gas to refuel them for free. Or bottles of water, or food, and went to find those who stopped along the edge of the road for a break to offer them something.

The fire is still completely out of control. No rain in the forecast for at least 12 days. The town is empty of all townfolk except for a few determined souls who wanted to remain, firefighters, and support personnel who are trying to stop the fire and save the remaining homes. Even the volunteer rescue station had to be re-located as the wind changed again.